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Cody Rhodes reveals the SADDEST MOMENT of his career

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In a candid interview with Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes, the renowned RAW Superstar, opened up about his career’s most disheartening moment.

His defeat at WrestleMania 39’s main event, where he faced Roman Reigns, marked a significant emotional low for Rhodes’ character:

“I was just in a WrestleMania 39 ring basically replicating the saddest moment I’ve ever had in my career” Rhodes revealed when speaking about the latest promotional video for WWE 2K24.

“In a wild way, it was also incredibly rewarding. I got to make the walk and main event a WrestleMania. Still, you have to win. That’s the whole point. And that’s what is happening in real-time.”

WWE News: The WrestleMania 39 Experience

Rhodes’ journey to WrestleMania 39 was nothing short of spectacular, filled with high expectations and intense preparation.

However, the outcome of the event was not what he had hoped for. Reflecting on the match, Rhodes admitted that the loss hit him harder than it did his opponent, Roman Reigns.

Despite Reigns’ experience in such high-stakes matches, Rhodes felt a unique pressure and disappointment in not securing a win (in kayfabe obviously).

WWE News: The Impact of the Loss

The defeat at WrestleMania 39 was more than just a professional setback for Rhodes; it was a deeply personal blow to his on-screen character.

He expressed that while the experience of participating in the main event of WrestleMania was rewarding, it underscored a crucial lesson – the importance of winning.

This loss has not only been a pivotal moment in his career but also a driving force for his character’s future ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What was Cody Rhodes’ saddest career moment?
    • His loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39.
  • How did Rhodes describe his experience at WrestleMania 39?
    • He found it incredibly rewarding yet underscored the importance of winning.
  • What are Rhodes’ future plans?
    • He aims to dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.
  • What does Rhodes need to do to get a match at WrestleMania 40?
    • He must win the upcoming Men’s Royal Rumble match.
  • What has been a constant in Rhodes’ WWE career?
    • His passion, perseverance, and ability to learn from setbacks.
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