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Cody Rhodes REACTS to WrestleMania decision backlash

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In the world of professional wrestling, few events stir as much excitement and controversy as WrestleMania.

This year, the road to WrestleMania 40 has been paved with unexpected twists, passionate fan reactions, and a decision by Cody Rhodes that has sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe.

WWE News: The Decision That Sparked Debate

On the February 2 episode of WWE SmackDown, Cody Rhodes made a stunning announcement that he would not be challenging Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

Instead, he stepped aside, allowing The Rock to confront Reigns in a moment that left fans both surprised and divided.

This decision led to a weekend filled with the trending hashtag “We want Cody” and chants for Cody at the following RAW event, where the live crowd also voiced their displeasure with “Rocky sucks” chants.

WWE News: Rhodes’ Response to the Backlash

Cody Rhodes took to social media to address the backlash from fans.

In a tweet, he expressed his appreciation for the fans’ passion and asked for their trust, stating, “Appreciate the passion, God bless y’all…but Trust me.”

This response highlights Rhodes’ understanding of the fans’ sentiments while also hinting at a larger plan or storyline unfolding as WrestleMania 40 approaches.

WWE News: The Unfolding Drama on RAW

The drama continued on RAW, where Seth Rollins expressed his desire to face “The American Nightmare” at WrestleMania 40.

Before Cody could respond, Drew McIntyre made an appearance, urging Cody to “finish the story,” adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing narrative.

What Lies Ahead for Cody Rhodes

As the WWE Universe waits with bated breath, the future for Cody Rhodes on the road to WrestleMania remains uncertain.

His decision to step aside for The Rock has opened up numerous possibilities and speculations about what could be next for him. Will he face Seth Rollins as hinted, or does WWE have another storyline twist in store?


  • Why did Cody Rhodes decide not to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40? Cody Rhodes has not publicly disclosed the specific reasons behind his decision, but it appears to be part of a larger storyline development.
  • What was the fans’ reaction to Cody Rhodes’ decision? Fans expressed their disappointment and support for Cody with the “We want Cody” hashtag and chants during WWE events.
  • How did Cody Rhodes respond to the backlash? Cody Rhodes thanked fans for their passion and asked for their trust in a tweet, indicating that there might be more to the story.
  • What’s next for Cody Rhodes? The situation is still developing, and fans are eager to see how Cody Rhodes’ road to WrestleMania 40 will unfold.
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