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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, securing top talent is paramount for maintaining audience interest and competitive edge. WWE, a titan in the industry, is currently focused on retaining one of its brightest stars, Cody Rhodes.

According to a recent report from Fightful Select, WWE is actively engaged in discussions with Rhodes about a multi-year contract extension.

Cody Rhodes: A Pillar of the Future in WWE

Cody Rhodes, whose journey in professional wrestling spans various promotions and numerous accolades, has become a central figure in WWE’s narrative.

His return to WWE marked a significant moment, showcasing the company’s commitment to bolstering its roster with versatile and charismatic performers.

Rhodes’ potential contract extension is seen as a strategic move by WWE, aligning with their recent trend of securing long-term commitments from key wrestlers like Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and the Mysterios.

The Contrast with AEW and Future Prospects

Rhodes’ departure from AEW, as highlighted in the Peacock documentary “American Nightmare: Becoming Rhodes,” was apparently marked by a lack of urgency in contract negotiations.

This contrasts sharply with WWE’s proactive approach to ensure Rhodes remains a cornerstone of their brand. The intention is clear: WWE does not want any ambiguity regarding Rhodes’ future with the company.

Cody Rhodes WWE Contract: Negotiations and Speculations

While the details of the negotiations remain confidential, sources close to the situation express confidence that an agreement will be reached.

Speculation about Rhodes’ future was further fueled when he acquired a new bus around Thanksgiving, though this was not a definitive sign of a finalised deal.

WWE’s eagerness to secure Rhodes on a long-term basis underscores their recognition of his value to the brand and their audience.

The Impact of a Potential Extension

Cody Rhodes’ continued presence in WWE would have a significant impact on the promotion’s future storylines and marketing strategies.

His ability to connect with the audience, coupled with his in-ring prowess, makes him an invaluable asset. A multi-year extension would not only solidify Rhodes’ position in WWE but also send a strong message about the company’s direction and commitment to its talent.


  • What is the current status of Cody Rhodes’ contract with WWE? Cody Rhodes is currently in talks with the company for a multi-year contract extension, though the deal has not been finalized.
  • Why is WWE keen on signing Rhodes to a long-term contract? The company views Cody Rhodes as a key figure in their roster and wants to ensure his long-term presence as part of their strategy to retain top talent.
  • How does Rhodes’ situation with WWE compare to his time in AEW? Unlike his time in AEW, where contract negotiations seemingly lacked urgency, his current home is proactively working to secure Rhodes’ commitment.
  • What impact would Rhodes’ contract extension have on WWE? Securing Rhodes for a longer term would strengthen WWE’s roster and contribute significantly to future storylines and audience engagement.
  • Is there any confirmation on when the contract will be finalized? As of now, there is no confirmed date for the finalization of the contract, but sources are optimistic about a positive outcome.
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