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WWE Superstar DELETES CM Punk Reference before Survivor Series

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In a surprising move that has sparked widespread speculation among wrestling fans, NXT star Cora Jade recently deleted a post from her Instagram Story that referenced CM Punk, just ahead of the highly anticipated Survivor Series 2023.

This event, set to take place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, has been the centre of much discussion, particularly about the potential appearance of CM Punk, a figure synonymous with the city’s wrestling history.

CM Punk Deleted Post: A Nostalgic Throwback

Cora Jade, known for her dynamic presence in WWE’s NXT brand, shared a throwback photo on her Instagram Story, which featured herself as a fan alongside CM Punk.

This post, however, was short-lived as Jade soon removed it from her story. This action has led to a flurry of fan theories and discussions, particularly considering Jade’s past references to Punk in her WWE appearances.

Notably, she once used Punk’s famous line, “Do I have everybody’s attention now?” during a promo on the April 11 edition of NXT.

Fan Speculation and Survivor Series Buzz

The deletion of this post comes at a time when fan speculation is at an all-time high, with the Survivor Series event drawing near.

CM Punk’s potential involvement or appearance at the event has not been confirmed, but it hasn’t been ruled out as impossible either. This ambiguity has only fueled the excitement and curiosity among the WWE fanbase.

CM Punk: Past References and Current Speculations

Cora Jade’s affinity for CM Punk is not a new development. Her use of Punk’s catchphrases and styles in the past has been a subtle nod to the influence he has had on her career.

However, the recent deletion of the post has raised questions about whether this was a strategic move to stir up interest or if it was a decision influenced by the WWE management, considering the complexities surrounding CM Punk’s relationship with the company.


  • What did Cora Jade post and delete on Instagram?
    • Cora Jade posted and then deleted a throwback photo with CM Punk on her Instagram Story.
  • Why is the deletion of Cora Jade’s post significant?
    • The deletion is significant due to the timing before Survivor Series and the ongoing speculation about CM Punk’s potential appearance at the event.
  • Has CM Punk been confirmed to appear at Survivor Series 2023?
    • As of now, there is no confirmation about CM Punk’s appearance at Survivor Series 2023.
  • What is the significance of Survivor Series being held in Chicago?
    • Chicago is notably associated with CM Punk, heightening speculation about his involvement in the event.
  • Has Cora Jade referenced Punk in WWE before?
    • Yes, Cora Jade has previously used CM Punk’s famous line in a promo on NXT.
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