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Eric Bischoff talks potential WWE RAW BLACKOUT in Q4 2024

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In a recent development that has caught the attention of wrestling fans worldwide, the future broadcasting landscape of WWE RAW is set for a significant shift.

With its longstanding tenure on the USA Network drawing to a close in October 2024, and a new dawn with Netflix scheduled for January 2025, there lies a brief yet pivotal gap in the show’s broadcasting continuity.

Wrestling icon and former WCW President Eric Bischoff shared his insights on this matter, shedding light on the potential directions WWE Raw could take during this transitional period.

WWE News: The Transition from USA Network to Netflix

WWE RAW, the flagship weekly show of World Wrestling Entertainment, has been a staple on the USA Network, captivating audiences with its high-octane entertainment and wrestling prowess.

However, as the current American television rights deal expires in October 2024, WWE Raw finds itself on the brink of a broadcasting hiatus before its slated move to Netflix in several regions, including the United States, come January 2025.

WWE News: Eric Bischoff’s Predictions

On a recent episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff speculated on the show’s interim broadcasting home. “Best guess, Peacock. What else is there?” he posited, highlighting the streaming service as the most obvious choice by default.

This speculation is underpinned by WWE’s multi-year agreement with Peacock, signed in 2021, granting the platform exclusive streaming rights to the WWE Network in the United States.

This partnership has already seen a significant portion of WWE’s media library, including past episodes of Raw, transition to Peacock, making it a viable candidate for filling the broadcasting gap.

Alternative Strategies

Bischoff also entertained the possibility of WWE opting for a strategic blackout during this period.

“Maybe they would opt to go dark and just build anticipation,” he suggested, hinting at a tactic where the absence of Raw could potentially heighten fan anticipation and lead to a surge in viewership upon its return.


  • What is happening to WWE Raw’s broadcasting in Q4 2024?
    • WWE Raw will temporarily lack a broadcasting home between its departure from the USA Network in October 2024 and its arrival on Netflix in January 2025.
  • What did Eric Bischoff suggest as a potential interim solution?
    • Bischoff speculated that Peacock might serve as the interim broadcasting platform for WWE Raw, given its existing partnership with WWE.
  • Is there a possibility of WWE Raw going dark in Q4 2024?
    • Yes, Bischoff mentioned that WWE might consider a blackout period to build anticipation for the show’s return.
  • When will WWE Raw start airing on Netflix?
    • WWE Raw is scheduled to begin airing on Netflix in January 2025.
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