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Ex-WWE writer reckons Kevin Owens should be in better position

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The former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has been having a decent run recently. On his latest episode of the podcast, the Hollywood star and ex-WWE creative writer was asked about who he felt was the most underutilized star in WWE. Prinze Jr. namedropped Kevin Owens.

Freddie Prinze Jr. believes Kevin Owens is being underutilized

When asked about the most underutilized stars on the WWE roster, Prinze Jr. on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast named KO as one star and he also named Alexa Bliss, who he believes had an underwhelming return. Here is what he said:

“Kevin Owens, man, I feel he should be playing in major stories all the time. His level of commitment, his talent, and his ability to execute that talent in the ring and on the mic is next level. So he’s like writer proof. He should be a major title player. He should always be competing, or up near the top with, say Cody, Seth, Roman, Bobby, anybody who’s at world championship level. He should be involved with one of their character storylines at all times.’

Owens recently headlined WrestleMania 38 Night 1 against Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match. Following that, he’s been feuding with Ezekiel, who claims to be the brother of Elias.

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Bishal Roy