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Latest on WWE RAW Superstar following HEAD INJURY

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In a recent episode of WWE RAW, fans witnessed a concerning moment when Giovanni Vinci, a prominent member of the Imperium, sustained a head injury.

The incident occurred during a high-stakes match where Vinci and his teammate Ludwig Kaiser faced off against the formidable duo of Jey Uso and Kofi Kingston.

WWE RAW Injury: The Incident

The match took an unexpected turn when Kingston executed a dropkick on Vinci, resulting in Vinci’s head striking the back of the mat.

The impact was severe enough to halt the match, as medical officials at ringside assessed Vinci’s condition and deemed him unable to continue, leading to an inconclusive end to the bout.

Vinci’s Current Status

In the aftermath of this incident, WWE announced that Vinci would be sidelined for several weeks.

While specific details about his injury have not been publicly disclosed, Vinci reassured his fans via Twitter, stating in Italian, “Sto bene. Grazie mille,” which translates to “I’m fine, thanks a lot.”

WWE RAW: Potential Feud on the Horizon?

In the wake of Vinci’s injury, Ludwig Kaiser displayed a newfound level of aggression in his subsequent singles match against Kofi Kingston.

The match concluded in a double count-out, with Kaiser relentlessly attacking Kingston outside the ring, ignoring the referee’s count.

This development has sparked speculation about a brewing feud, especially as Kingston was seen being escorted backstage for medical evaluation, though his condition (in kayfabe) remains undisclosed.


  • What happened to Giovanni Vinci during WWE RAW?
    • Vinci suffered a head injury during a match against Jey Uso and Kofi Kingston.
  • How long will Vinci be out of action?
    • Vinci is expected to be sidelined for several weeks.
  • Has Vinci commented on his condition?
    • Yes, Vinci reassured fans on Twitter, saying he is fine.
  • Is there a new feud developing in WWE RAW?
    • Speculations are rising about a potential feud, especially following Ludwig Kaiser’s aggressive behavior in his recent match against Kofi Kingston.
  • What is the status of Kofi Kingston following his match with Kaiser?
    • Kingston was taken backstage for medical evaluation, but his current condition has not been publicly disclosed.
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