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WWE Superstar rips England for getting ‘crushed’ in the Ashes and not getting WrestleMania in London

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Following a riveting Money in the Bank event, 33-year-old WWE superstar Grayson Waller took to Twitter to issue a provocative message.

Waller, known for his audacious character, declared, “No Mania, crushed in the ashes. England really does stay losing.”’‹

The tweet was a taunt towards England, referencing the country’s recent loss in cricket to Australia, and his promo with John Cena where he mocked the former WWE Champion’s idea of bringing WrestleMania to London.

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Grayson Waller WWE: The Context of the Tweet

Waller’s tweet was not just a random jab but a rather cunning comment in light of recent events. The WWE Money in the Bank event was hosted by England, a momentous occasion that had fans in the country ecstatic.

However, the country’s celebration was short-lived as their cricket team suffered a loss against Australia in the second Ashes test. Waller seized the opportunity to mock England, referring to both the cricket loss and the claims from John Cena that WrestleMania would take place in London at some point.

England’s loss in the cricket match was significant. The team fell short by 43 runs, despite the best efforts of captain Ben Stokes, who employed the “Bazball” strategy and hit an impressive 155 runs off just 214 balls’‹’‹. Waller’s tweet added salt to the wound of the already disappointed English fans.

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