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Former Toxic Attraction member OFFICIALLY joins new faction

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In a surprising turn of events that has the wrestling community buzzing, former Toxic Attraction member Jacy Jayne has officially joined the ranks of Chase U, a popular faction within NXT.

This move comes after Jayne heroically stepped in to save the group from impending financial ruin, marking a new chapter in her wrestling career.

WWE News: The Financial Crisis at Chase U

Chase U, known for its entertaining presence in NXT, recently faced a dire financial crisis. A scandal had pushed the faction to the brink of bankruptcy, leaving its members, including Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Riley Osborne, scrambling for solutions.

Despite their efforts, all attempts to save the faction seemed futile, leading to a poignant moment in the ring where they prepared to bid farewell to their beloved Chase U.

WWE News: Jacy Jayne’s Timely Intervention

During this emotional goodbye, Jacy Jayne, alongside Thea Hail, made a dramatic entrance with a promising solution to Chase U’s financial woes.

Jayne announced the launch of a “Ladies of Chase U” calendar, a creative initiative aimed at not only saving the faction from bankruptcy but also propelling them to new heights.

The calendar, set to go live on February 4th, was met with overwhelming excitement from the faction, particularly Andre Chase, who expressed his gratitude by officially welcoming Jayne into Chase U.

A New Era for Chase U

Jacy Jayne’s induction into Chase U signifies a fresh start for the faction. Known for her prowess in the ring and her time with Toxic Attraction, Jayne brings a new dynamic to the group.

This move has sparked a mix of reactions from fans and commentators alike, with many eager to see how Jayne’s presence will influence the direction of Chase U.

As the faction looks forward to a brighter future, the wrestling world watches with anticipation to see what lies ahead for Jacy Jayne and her new comrades.


  • Who is Jacy Jayne?
    • Jacy Jayne is a professional wrestler, formerly a member of the Toxic Attraction faction in NXT.
  • What is Chase U?
    • Chase U is a popular faction in NXT, known for its entertaining acts and presence in the wrestling community.
  • Why did Jacy Jayne join Chase U?
    • Jacy Jayne joined Chase U after presenting a solution to their financial crisis, which involved launching a “Ladies of Chase U” calendar to raise funds.
  • What was the financial crisis facing Chase U?
    • Chase U faced bankruptcy due to a scandal, which left them in a precarious financial situation.
  • When will the “Ladies of Chase U” calendar be available?
    • The calendar is set to go live on February 4th, aimed at raising funds to support Chase U.
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