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MAJOR Jade Cargill update following WWE Royal Rumble 2024

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In the aftermath of the WWE Royal Rumble 2024, the wrestling community is abuzz with discussions about Jade Cargill‘s performance.

Cargill, who made her WWE in-ring debut at the event, entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match as the #28 entrant. Her participation was marked by significant interactions, including the elimination of Nia Jax.

However, it was her apparent struggle with recalling and executing wrestling moves that caught the attention of many.

WWE News: Jade Cargill’s In-Ring Challenges

Despite her previous stint in AEW, Cargill’s transition to WWE has not been seamless. Observers have noted that she faces a learning curve in adapting to the intricacies of WWE-style wrestling.

Her appearances on Raw, NXT, SmackDown, and Fastlane, alongside prominent WWE superstars, have highlighted her ongoing struggle with the nuances of WWE’s wrestling style.

WWE News: Expert Opinions on Cargill’s Performance

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Cargill’s challenges. Alvarez mentioned that Cargill has been having difficulty remembering a lot of the in-ring work.

Meltzer observed that while everyone sold for her, it was evident that she was not yet at the level of many other WWE performers.

Alvarez suggested that Cargill needs more experience on the road, particularly with veteran WWE women, to prepare for potential larger events like WrestleMania.

The Road Ahead for Jade Cargill

Cargill’s debut has underscored the importance of adapting to WWE’s distinct wrestling style, where precision and continuity are crucial.

Her journey in WWE will require overcoming these initial challenges and gaining more experience. This experience is vital for her growth and success within the company.


  • What was Jade Cargill’s entry number in the Women’s Royal Rumble?
    • Jade Cargill entered as the #28 entrant.
  • What are the challenges faced by Jade Cargill in WWE?
    • She is having difficulty remembering and executing wrestling moves and adapting to WWE’s style.
  • What do experts say about Cargill’s performance?
    • Experts suggest she needs more experience and matches with veteran WWE women to improve.
  • Why is Cargill’s adaptation to WWE style significant?
    • Adapting to WWE’s style is crucial for success in the company, as it requires precision and continuity in performances.
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