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Jake Paul and Logan Paul get praised by huge WWE star

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Jake Paul and Logan Paul were recently praised backstage by an absolutely massive name on the WWE roster: Brock Lesnar.

Jake recently uploaded a vlog from his trip to the WWE Crown Jewel earlier this month, which saw The Beast Incarnate defeat Bobby Lashley.

You can see Lesnar during the video speaking with Logan and Jake, saying that he is ‘proud’ of what the two have accomplished.

“I’m excited for you guys. I’ve followed you guys. I’m proud of you guys. You’ve done well” is what the former WWE Champion had to say to the battling brothers.

Brock Lesnar, Jake Paul and Logan Paul

It is still not known if Jake will officially be joining the company at some point, with Logan already having three impressive performances in the ring.

Jake is expected to be facing Andrew Tate at some point in 2023, so it will probably be some time before we officially see the YouTuber turned Boxer make his way to sports entertainment on a permanent basis.

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