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MASSIVE John Cena and Randy Orton rumour getting traction on X/Twitter

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In what could potentially become one of the most talked-about events in professional wrestling, a rumour has recently gained significant momentum on social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter).

According to a tweet from @prowrestlingscoops, insiders have revealed plans for a match between John Cena and Randy Orton, two of WWE’s most iconic figures.

The tweet suggests that the match has been under consideration for some time, with the only remaining hurdle being Cena’s agreement to return to the ring for another run.

WWE News: The Cena-Orton Legacy

John Cena and Randy Orton have a storied history within WWE, having faced each other numerous times over their illustrious careers.

Each encounter between these two titans has been a testament to their incredible athleticism and storytelling abilities.

Fans have always been captivated by their chemistry in the ring, making the possibility of another showdown a tantalising prospect.

WWE News: Awaiting Cena’s Approval

The key to turning this rumour into reality lies with John Cena himself. The tweet from @prowrestlingscoops indicates that all preparations are in place for what could be another epic clash between Cena and Orton.

The wrestling world is now eagerly awaiting Cena’s nod to kickstart what could be one of the most memorable runs in recent history.

Fan Reaction and Speculation

The wrestling community on X and other social media platforms has been abuzz with speculation and excitement over this potential match.

Fans are dissecting every possible angle, from the storyline implications to the impact it could have on WWE’s ratings and viewership.

The anticipation builds with each passing day, as supporters of both wrestlers voice their hopes and predictions for what could be another landmark event in WWE’s storied history.


  • What is the rumour about?
    • There’s speculation about a potential match between John Cena and Randy Orton, pending Cena’s approval for a return.
  • Where did the rumour originate?
    • The rumour gained traction from a tweet by @prowrestlingscoops on X/Twitter.
  • Have Cena and Orton faced each other before?
    • Yes, Cena and Orton have a long history of memorable matches against each other in WWE.
  • What’s holding back the match?
    • The match is reportedly awaiting John Cena’s approval for his return to WWE.
  • Why is this match significant?
    • A match between Cena and Orton would be significant due to their legendary status in WWE and their historic rivalry.
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