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Behind the scenes WWE Royal Rumble 2024 video revealed

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In an exclusive reveal, the wrestling world got a closer look at Jordynne Grace’s journey during the WWE Royal Rumble 2024, marking a significant moment in her career and for TNA Wrestling.

Grace, who has become a beloved figure in female professional wrestling, made her debut at the highly anticipated event, fulfilling long-held dreams and showcasing her talent on one of wrestling’s biggest stages.

WWE News: Jordynne Grace’s Royal Rumble Debut

Entering as the fifth contestant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Grace brought her recent TNA rivalry with Naomi into the WWE arena.

Despite a strong performance, her journey in the match concluded with an elimination by Bianca Belair. This appearance was particularly noteworthy as Grace is still under contract with TNA, suggesting her participation was a special arrangement, likely a one-time occurrence.

WWE News: Preparation and Representation

The behind-the-scenes footage shared by TNA Wrestling on their YouTube channel offers an intimate look at Grace’s preparation and emotions leading up to the event.

Despite the short notice, which prevented her from getting new gear for the show, Grace proudly represented TNA with her existing ring attire.

She shared her initial fears and the pressure of representing TNA on such a grand scale, emphasizing the importance of preparation.

Grace also took practical steps to stay focused, including bringing her own food to avoid the temptation of catering services at the event.

YouTube video

WWE News: A Family Affair

The video also highlighted the support of Grace’s family, with her mother expressing pride and excitement for her daughter’s achievement.

This support underscores the personal significance of the event for Grace, who has dreamed of this moment since she was nine years old.

The Significance of the Moment

Grace’s participation in the WWE Royal Rumble was not just a professional milestone but also a personal triumph. Despite the nerves, she aimed to savour the experience, aware that it might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The significance of the event was further highlighted by a conversation with Gail Kim about the “white belt” appearing in WWE, adding another layer to Grace’s debut.


  • Who is Jordynne Grace?
    • Jordynne Grace is a professional wrestler currently under contract with TNA Wrestling, known for her strength and athleticism in the ring.
  • What was significant about Jordynne Grace’s WWE Royal Rumble 2024 appearance?
    • Her appearance was significant as it marked her WWE debut, representing TNA Wrestling in one of WWE’s premier events.
  • Did Jordynne Grace win the Women’s Royal Rumble match?
    • No, she did not win. She was eliminated by Bianca Belair but delivered a memorable performance.
  • Will Jordynne Grace be joining WWE?
    • As of her Royal Rumble appearance, there has been no official announcement regarding a permanent move to WWE, suggesting her appearance was a special one-time arrangement.
  • How did Jordynne Grace prepare for the Royal Rumble?
    • Despite the short notice, Grace prepared mentally and physically for the event, even bringing her own food to stay focused and avoid catering temptations.
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