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HOW TNA Champion’s appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble came together

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In a stunning display of inter-promotional collaboration, TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace made a groundbreaking appearance at the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble.

This event marked a significant moment in wrestling history, as Grace crossed the proverbial ‘Forbidden Door’, stepping into the WWE ring with aspirations of securing a WWE Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 40.

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WWE News: The Surprise Entry

Grace, known as ‘Big Momma Pump’, entered the fray at number five, showcasing her formidable in-ring prowess.

Her performance was nothing short of impressive, lasting a commendable 20 minutes before being eliminated by WWE’s own Bianca Belair.

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WWE News: Behind the Scenes of the Crossover

The inception of this crossover began when WWE reached out to multiple companies, including TNA, seeking surprise entrants for the Rumble matches.

Grace underwent a medical examination prior to the show and arrived in Florida for Royal Rumble rehearsals. This seamless integration was facilitated by the cooperative efforts of both WWE and TNA, with Grace still under contract with TNA.

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A Smooth Collaboration

Sources from Fightful Select revealed that the coordination for Grace’s appearance was smooth and straightforward.

Both TNA and Grace were described as easy to deal with and accommodating throughout the process. This collaboration underscores the potential for future crossover events, fostering a spirit of unity in the wrestling community.

Continuing the Legacy

Grace’s appearance at the Royal Rumble is not the first of its kind. She follows in the footsteps of Mickie James, who participated in the 2022 Royal Rumble as the TNA Women’s Champion.

This ongoing trend of crossovers between WWE and TNA paves the way for more exciting and unexpected matchups in the world of professional wrestling.


  • Who is Jordynne Grace?
    • Jordynne Grace is the TNA Knockouts Champion, known for her strength and skill in the ring.
  • What is the significance of her WWE Royal Rumble appearance?
    • Her appearance signifies a rare crossover between TNA and WWE, showcasing inter-promotional collaboration.
  • How long did Jordynne Grace last in the Royal Rumble?
    • She delivered an impressive performance, lasting 20 minutes in the match.
  • Will there be more crossovers between WWE and TNA?
    • Given the success of this event, future crossovers between WWE and TNA are a strong possibility.
  • Is Jordynne Grace still with TNA?
    • Yes, Jordynne Grace is currently signed with TNA.
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