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WWE Superstar wrestled at Royal Rumble 2024 with VERY REAL injury

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In a remarkable display of resilience and dedication, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens competed in the Royal Rumble 2024 with a genuine injury, a fractured foot, challenging Logan Paul for the United States Championship.

This injury, sustained during his tournament finals match against Santos Escobar, did not deter Owens from stepping into the ring.

WWE News: Owens’ Gritty Performance Despite Injury

Despite the pain and risk associated with his injury, Owens demonstrated exceptional courage. He had been dealing with an ‘injured’ hand throughout the tournament and his feud with Logan Paul, which led to him wearing a cast.

However, it was later revealed that the more significant concern was his fractured foot, according to a new report from F4WOnline.

WWE News: The Controversial Match Outcome

The match itself was fraught with drama and controversy. Owens, known for his relentless fighting spirit, gave it his all against Paul. However, the match did not conclude in his favour.

In a twist of events, Owens was disqualified for using brass knuckles, which Paul had introduced into the match. The referee spotted them during a pinfall attempt by Owens, leading to his disqualification.

Owens’ History with the United States Championship

Kevin Owens has a storied history with the United States Championship, dating back to his WWE main roster debut in 2015 when he confronted then-champion John Cena.

His journey has been marked by memorable moments and intense rivalries. Yet, his latest quest to regain the championship was overshadowed by his injury and the match’s controversial ending.

WWE News: The Implications of Owens’ Injury

Kevin Owens’ decision to compete despite his fractured foot is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his fans. However, this raises questions about the short-term impact of such an injury on his career.

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  • What injury did Kevin Owens have during the Royal Rumble 2024?
    • Kevin Owens wrestled with a fractured foot.
  • Did Kevin Owens win the match at Royal Rumble 2024?
    • No, he was disqualified for using brass knuckles.
  • What was the nature of the match at Royal Rumble 2024?
    • It was for the United States Championship against Logan Paul.
  • How did Kevin Owens sustain his injury?
    • He sustained the injury during his tournament finals match against Santos Escobar.
  • What is the significance of this match in Owens’ career?
    • It highlights his resilience and dedication, but also raises concerns about the impact of his injury on his future performances.
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