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WWE Legend REJECTED the chance to manage Matt Riddle

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In a surprising revelation on The Kurt Angle Show podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle disclosed that he turned down an offer from WWE to manage former star Matt Riddle, citing inadequate financial compensation as the primary reason.

This news sheds light on the often unseen negotiations behind the glitzy facade of professional wrestling.

WWE News: The Offer and Rejection

Kurt Angle, an Olympic gold medalist and a multi-time world champion, was approached by WWE in 2020 with the proposal to become the on-screen manager for Matt Riddle.

However, Angle, who had been released by WWE earlier that year, felt that the monetary offer did not match his expectations.

“I wish I would have done it, but you know what, the money was not really that good,” Angle remarked during the podcast, expressing his willingness but financial dissatisfaction.

WWE News: Understanding the Demands of WWE

Matt Riddle, who was part of the conversation, empathised with Angle’s decision. He highlighted the gruelling nature of the WWE schedule, noting that even non-wrestling roles like managing are physically and mentally taxing due to extensive travel.

“The wrestling is not the hard part. I mean it’s wear and tear for sure, but the travel is the most brutal part of wrestling,” Riddle explained.

A Brief Collaboration

Despite not formalizing a managerial relationship, Angle and Riddle did share a brief on-screen interaction in WWE NXT.

Angle was a special guest referee in a match featuring Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. Shortly after, Angle announced Riddle’s transition from NXT to the main roster, marking his move to “WWE SmackDown.”


  • Who is Kurt Angle?
    • Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist, known for his successful wrestling career.
  • What was the offer made to Kurt Angle by WWE?
    • WWE offered Kurt Angle the role of on-screen manager for Matt Riddle.
  • Why did Kurt Angle reject the offer?
    • Angle rejected the offer due to the financial terms not meeting his expectations.
  • What did Matt Riddle say about the demands of WWE?
    • Riddle emphasized that the challenging part of being in WWE is the demanding travel schedule, even for non-wrestling roles.
  • Did Kurt Angle and Matt Riddle ever work together in WWE?
    • They briefly interacted in WWE NXT, where Angle was a special guest referee in one of Riddle’s matches and later announced his move to “WWE SmackDown.”
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