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LA Knight thought Max Dupri gimmick was a RIB

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In a recent candid interview with ESPN, LA Knight, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, shared his initial disbelief and confusion over the Max Dupri character he portrayed in WWE’s ‘Maximum Male Models’ faction.

Knight’s journey in the WWE main roster began with him assuming the role of Max Dupri, a character who was portrayed as a former model turned manager of a modelling agency.

This gimmick, however, was short-lived following Vince McMahon’s initial departure from the company.

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WWE News: The Revelation of a Gimmick

Knight expressed his initial reaction to the Max Dupri character, indicating a mix of surprise and scepticism. “I thought they were ribbing me,” he said, reflecting on the moment he was introduced to the concept.

The character’s direction, which involved transitioning from a model to running an agency, seemed far-fetched to Knight. He recalled questioning the idea, feeling it deviated significantly from what had been previously discussed.

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WWE News: Struggling with the Character’s Direction

Knight also touched upon the challenges he faced with the character’s development. He felt the gimmick took a turn towards silliness, which was not in line with his vision.

His concern was that being typecast into a purely comedic role could limit his career progression, as he aspired to move up the card.

Knight emphasised the importance of maintaining a balance between comedy and seriousness to avoid being pigeonholed.

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LA Knight’s Aspirations and Reflections

Despite the initial setback with the Max Dupri character, Knight remains focused on his goals in the wrestling industry.

He aspires to solidify his legacy, aiming for accolades such as becoming WWE Champion and eventually earning a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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  • What was LA Knight’s initial reaction to the Max Dupri character?
    • He thought it was a rib (a practical joke) and was surprised by the concept.
  • Why was the Max Dupri character short-lived?
    • The character was dropped following Vince McMahon’s departure from WWE.
  • What are LA Knight’s career aspirations?
    • He aims to solidify his legacy, become WWE Champion, and have a Hall of Fame career.
  • How did Knight view the development of the Max Dupri character?
    • He felt it took an unwelcome turn towards silliness and deviated from what was initially discussed.
  • What concerns did Knight have about the Max Dupri gimmick?
    • He was worried about being pigeonholed into a purely comedic role and hitting a career ceiling.
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