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WWE Rumors: BIG feud for Logan Paul rumoured to start this Friday

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The WWE Universe is abuzz with the latest rumor that has taken the wrestling world by storm. According to a recent tweet by @mrnbaguru, Logan Paul is set to ignite a major feud with Kevin Owens (KO) as early as this Friday.

This rumor has sparked a wave of excitement among fans, as both superstars are known for their charismatic personas and in-ring prowess.

Logan Paul, a social media influencer turned professional wrestler, has quickly made a name for himself in the WWE. His transition from YouTube fame to the wrestling ring has been nothing short of spectacular, with Paul displaying a natural aptitude for the sport. His high-profile matches, including those at WrestleMania, have showcased his athleticism and commitment to the craft.

The prospect of Paul entering a feud with Kevin Owens is particularly intriguing. Owens, a seasoned WWE superstar, is renowned for his intense fighting style and compelling storytelling in the ring. His confrontations are always a highlight, and a rivalry with Logan Paul promises to deliver some unforgettable moments.

Kevin Owens: A Formidable Opponent for Logan Paul

Kevin Owens, a former Universal Champion, is no stranger to high-stakes feuds. His ability to blend technical prowess with raw power makes him one of the most versatile performers in WWE today.

Owens’ history of feuds with top stars like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins has cemented his status as a main-event talent.

A clash with Logan Paul could be a defining moment in both their careers. For Paul, it’s an opportunity to prove his mettle against one of the best in the business.

For Owens, it’s a chance to showcase his skills against a rising star in the industry.

Potential Impact on WWE Storylines

This rumored feud between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens has the potential to shake up the current WWE landscape. It could lead to a series of high-profile matches and storylines, offering fresh content for WWE programming.

The involvement of a mainstream celebrity like Paul also brings additional media attention, which is always beneficial for the WWE brand.


  • What is the rumored feud in WWE?
    • Logan Paul is rumored to start a feud with Kevin Owens as early as this Friday.
  • Who is Logan Paul?
    • Logan Paul is a social media influencer who has transitioned into professional wrestling with WWE.
  • What is Kevin Owens known for in WWE?
    • Kevin Owens is known for his intense fighting style and has been a former Universal Champion.
  • Will Randy Orton be involved in this feud?
    • The rumor suggests that Randy Orton will play a significant role in this storyline.
  • Why is this feud significant?
    • This feud is significant as it involves a mainstream celebrity, Logan Paul, and could bring fresh storylines and media attention to WWE.
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