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Logan Paul discusses HUGE CELEBRITY match after Crown Jewel win

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Logan Paul has warned Bad Bunny to stay away from him after his Crown Jewel victory.

WWE has always had a tradition of celebrity appearances for big events. Names ranging from Mike Tyson to Donald Trump have all made their presence felt over the years. They have also gotten involved in storylines in their own way.

One thing that is different in the current crop of celebrity stars is that they are more involved with the in-ring aspect of the business. People such as Pat McAfee and Johnny Knoxville have wrestled full-length matches and proven that even celebrities can have entertaining bouts if they work hard on it.

Logan Paul warns Bad Bunny

Logan Paul is one such phenomenon who once again proved that he belongs in a WWE ring at Crown Jewel when he defeated Rey Mysterio for the US Championship. In a post-show interview with ESPN, the YouTube star was asked about potentially facing another fellow celebrity turned wrestler in Bad Bunny. Paul claimed that Bunny doesn’t want this smoke:

“I’m going to leave that up to Triple H, but I will say one thing: Mr. Bunny don’t want this smoke. I’m a Maverick, we eat bunnies for breakfast,”

This match would make sense since Bunny has been associated with Mysterio in WWE before. During the interview, Logan Paul noted how Bunny is rated the same as him in WWE 2K23, and discussed the possibility of getting in the ring to prove who is really the better performer:

“He is good, but he’s scrawny. I’m pushing 250. That is the cr*zy thing in WWE 2K23, he has the same rating as me. Maybe I don’t know anything, and maybe we are the same. Maybe let’s settle this in the ring.”

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