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In an unexpected turn of events, former WWE star Mandy Rose was recently captured on video body-slamming her friend at a beachside bar.

This incident showcases Rose’s playful side, far removed from the wrestling ring, yet still close to the action-packed environment she once dominated.

WWE News: From WWE to Beachside Brawls

Mandy Rose’s journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. After her departure from WWE, due to controversies surrounding premium content, Rose has not shied away from the spotlight.

Instead, she has embraced her newfound freedom, engaging in various ventures that have led to considerable success.

Despite her busy schedule, Rose finds time to enjoy life, as evidenced by the recent playful altercation with a friend.

WWE News: A Friendly Tussle

The incident, which took place at a beachside bar, involved Rose executing a body slam on her friend, who fortunately landed safely on a sofa.

This act, while seemingly aggressive, was all in good fun, highlighting Rose’s ability to bring elements of her wrestling past into her personal life without missing a beat.

Life After WWE

Since leaving WWE, Mandy Rose has been quite successful, venturing into business and achieving significant financial success.

Her recent acquisition of a 2024 Lamborghini Urus S is a testament to her lavish lifestyle and the empire she has built post-WWE.

Despite her departure from the wrestling world, Rose keeps the door open for a potential return, leaving fans speculating about her future in the sport.


  • What happened with Mandy Rose at the beachside bar?
    • Mandy Rose playfully body-slammed her friend at a beachside bar.
  • Why did Mandy Rose leave WWE?
    • Mandy Rose’s contract with WWE was terminated due to issues related to premium content behind a paywall.
  • What has Mandy Rose been doing since leaving WWE?
    • Since leaving WWE, Mandy Rose has embarked on various successful ventures, showcasing her strong work ethic and achieving significant financial success.
  • Is Mandy Rose considering a return to WWE?
    • Mandy Rose has expressed conflicting feelings about a return to WWE, leaving the possibility open for the future.
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