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Former WWE Superstar reveals he is willing to FIGHT Jake Paul

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In a surprising turn of events, former WWE superstar Matt Riddle has expressed his willingness to step into the boxing ring with internet sensation Jake Paul.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the combat sports community, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments.

Matt Riddle’s Combat Sports Pedigree outside of WWE

Matt Riddle, often referred to as “The Original Bro”, is no stranger to combat sports. Before gracing the squared circle of WWE, Riddle had carved a niche for himself in the UFC.

His prowess inside the Octagon is undeniable, and he continued his MMA training even during his stint in the world of professional wrestling.

This makes the prospect of a bout with Jake Paul all the more intriguing.

Negotiations Underway

Recent reports suggest that discussions between the two parties are ongoing. Dave Meltzer mentioned in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Riddle is keen on squaring off against Paul in a boxing match.

However, the outcome of these negotiations remains uncertain, with Meltzer expressing doubts about a potential bout materialising.

The Sticking Point

While Riddle has shown interest in a boxing match, Jake Paul’s camp seems to be treading cautiously. Paul, who has been trying to establish himself as a serious boxer, might view a match against a pro wrestler as a potential setback to his aspirations.

Moreover, Paul has reportedly shown no interest in facing Riddle under MMA rules, where the former WWE star would undoubtedly have an advantage given his experience.

What’s Next for Riddle beyond WWE?

Apart from the buzz surrounding a potential bout with Jake Paul, Riddle has other significant matches lined up.

He is slated to face RVD in a highly anticipated matchup next year. Whether or not the bout with Paul comes to fruition, Riddle’s future in combat sports/pro wrestling looks promising.


  • Who is Matt Riddle?
    • Matt Riddle is a former WWE superstar and UFC fighter, known for his combat sports prowess.
  • Is Matt Riddle interested in fighting Jake Paul?
    • Yes, Matt Riddle has expressed his willingness to face Jake Paul in a boxing match.
  • Has Jake Paul agreed to the fight?
    • Negotiations are ongoing, but Jake Paul has not shown interest in an MMA bout with Riddle.
  • Why is this potential bout significant?
    • Given the popularity of both individuals and the recent trend of crossover fights, a bout between Riddle and Paul would garner significant attention.
  • What other matches does Matt Riddle have lined up?
    • Riddle is set to face RVD in a highly anticipated match next year.
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