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Maxxine Dupri RIPPED by fans for “not being ready” for WWE TV matches

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The wrestling community has recently been vocal about Maxxine Dupri’s performances in WWE TV matches, particularly on WWE RAW.

A tweet from a wrestling fan under the handle @KingRyeburn has caught significant attention, succinctly summarising the sentiment: “Maxxine isn’t ready for TV matches. Stop setting this poor woman up.”

WWE News: Fan Concerns Over Dupri’s Readiness

The debate around Maxxine Dupri’s readiness for high-profile TV matches has sparked considerable discussion among the WWE fanbase.

Critics argue that thrusting her into the spotlight without adequate preparation does both her and the audience a disservice.

Fans have expressed their concerns, stating that not only does it affect the quality of the matches but also puts unnecessary pressure on Dupri, potentially hindering her growth as a professional wrestler.

WWE News: WWE’s Strategy Under Scrutiny

This situation brings WWE’s strategy for talent development into question. Traditionally, the company has been known for its ability to build stars, but fans argue that in Dupri’s case, the approach seems rushed.

The wrestling community is calling for a more measured pathway for new talents, one that allows them to hone their skills and build confidence through NXT or lower-profile matches before stepping into the high stakes of WWE RAW.

The Path Forward for Maxxine Dupri

Despite the criticism, there is a silver lining for Dupri. Many fans have shown support, acknowledging her potential and expressing hope that with the right guidance and experience, she will overcome these early challenges.

The consensus is that with time, Dupri could indeed become a valuable asset to the WWE roster.


  • What is the main criticism against Maxxine Dupri?
    • The main criticism is that she is not yet ready for high-profile WWE TV matches, which could be detrimental to her development as a wrestler.
  • What are fans saying?
    • Fans are expressing concerns that pushing Dupri into WWE RAW matches too early might be setting her up for failure.
  • How has WWE historically handled new talent?
    • WWE is known for its ability to develop wrestling stars, usually by gradually building their profile through NXT and other lower-profile matches before showcasing them on bigger stages like WWE RAW.
  • What do fans hope for Maxxine Dupri’s future?
    • Fans hope that with the right training and experience, Dupri will grow into a successful WWE star, overcoming her current challenges.
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