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Natalya says she was HONOURED to train with AEW star

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In a recent interaction with the Haus of Wrestling, WWE superstar Natalya expressed her profound honour in having AEW World Tag Team Champion Ricky Starks participate in training sessions at her facility.

The training, which Natalya clarifies is more of a workshop than a traditional wrestling school, saw Starks engage in the rigorous regimen she runs alongside TJ Wilson, better known as Tyson Kidd.

WWE News: A Workshop of Passion

Natalya’s facility, renowned for its high-calibre training, opened its doors to Starks, highlighting her inclusive approach to anyone with a genuine passion for professional wrestling.

“It’s not really a school. It’s a workshop,” Natalya explained, underscoring the distinction and the open invitation to passionate individuals.

She praised Starks for his dedication and skill, stating, “I was totally honoured to have him come train with us, and he’s very, very talented.”

WWE News: The Total Package

In her discussion, Natalya did not hold back on compliments for Starks, mentioning his comprehensive skill set that makes him stand out in the wrestling world.

“He can speak, he looks great, he moves great, he’s passionate,” she remarked, laying out the qualities that define a total package in the industry.

Her admiration for Starks’ abilities and his friendship with Cody Rhodes was evident throughout the conversation.

Open Doors Policy

The WWE veteran also highlighted her history of working with various talents across the wrestling spectrum, including Liv Morgan, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose, and Angelo Dawkins.

Natalya’s philosophy is clear: her workshop is a haven for those who love wrestling and are willing to put in the work, regardless of their affiliation or status in the wrestling world.

Ricky Starks, alongside Big Bill, recently secured a victory against Dark Order on the February 2 episode of AEW Rampage, further cementing his status as a formidable competitor in AEW’s ranks.


  • What is Natalya’s training facility?
    • It’s a workshop run by Natalya and TJ Wilson for wrestlers to hone their skills, focusing on passion and hard work over formal schooling.
  • Who is Ricky Starks?
    • Ricky Starks is an AEW World Tag Team Champion known for his charisma, in-ring ability, and passion for wrestling.
  • Why was Natalya honoured to train with Ricky Starks?
    • Natalya was honoured because of Starks’ passion, talent, and comprehensive skill set, which she believes adds significant value to her training sessions.
  • Can anyone train at Natalya’s facility?
    • Yes, the facility welcomes anyone with a passion for wrestling and a willingness to work hard, regardless of their experience level or wrestling affiliation.
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