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WWE NXT Calendar SELLS OUT in record time

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In an unprecedented show of support, the WWE NXT community rallied behind the Women of Chase University, leading to the 2024 calendar selling out within a mere thirty minutes of its release.

This remarkable achievement underscores the popularity of the NXT brand and its stars, as well as the wrestling community’s willingness to support one of its own (and the storyline of course).

WWE News: A Fundraising Success Story

The calendar, a fundraising initiative spearheaded by Jacy Jayne, was designed to alleviate the financial concerns of Chase University.

The project received an overwhelming response, much to the delight of Andre Chase and his students. The rapid sell-out is a testament to the NXT fans’ loyalty and their eagerness to contribute to a cause close to the heart of the wrestling community.

Andre Chase took to Twitter to announce the sell-out, expressing astonishment and gratitude for the community’s support. The tweet highlighted the calendar’s success and hinted at the possibility of future merchandise endeavours.

WWE News: The Stars of Chase U Shine

The calendar featured the women of Chase University, including prominent figures such as Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail. Their popularity, combined with the unique concept of the calendar, played a significant role in the quick sell-out.

Fans were eager to get their hands on this exclusive merchandise, showcasing their support for the NXT stars and contributing to a worthy cause.

Future Prospects

While the calendar is currently sold out on, there is speculation about the possibility of additional prints being released.

Given the success of this initiative, WWE might consider restocking the calendar to meet fan demand and further support Chase University.


  • What is the Women of Chase University 2024 calendar?
    • It’s a fundraising calendar featuring the women of Chase University, designed to support the financial needs of the institution.
  • How quickly did the calendar sell out?
    • The calendar sold out within 30 minutes of its release.
  • Who organized the calendar?
    • Jacy Jayne organized the calendar as a fundraising project.
  • Will there be more calendars available in the future?
    • It’s currently unclear if more calendars will be produced, but the success of the initial run suggests a possibility.
  • Where was the calendar sold?
    • The calendar was available for purchase on
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