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WWE RAW Superstar RETURNS to Action Following Lengthy Absence

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The WWE Universe witnessed the thrilling return of a towering presence in the ring as Omos made his comeback after a significant hiatus.

The Nigerian Nightmare, known for his colossal stature and formidable prowess, stepped back into the squared circle during a recent WWE live event, marking the end of a nearly two-month absence from in-ring action.

Omos: The Giant’s Return to WWE

Omos, who has been a part of the WWE roster since January 2019, quickly became a notable force within the company. His alliance with AJ Styles in 2020 led to a memorable victory at WrestleMania 37, where they clinched the RAW Tag Team Championships.

This year, Omos has been involved in high-profile matches, including clashes with Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39 and Backlash, respectively.

Despite his absence from televised events since the Battle Royal at SummerSlam, Omos has remained active at live events.

His return to the ring saw him dominate Akira Tozawa at the WWE SuperShow in Rochester, New York. This marked his first match after 55 days away from the public eye.

The Free Agent Status

Interestingly, Omos is currently a free agent in the company. His last appearance on WWE television was during the aforementioned Battle Royal, and since then, his presence has been limited to live events.

The future of The Nigerian Nightmare on television remains uncertain, as there are no immediate plans for him within the company’s storylines.

The Impact of Omos’s Return

Omos’s return is a significant development for several reasons:

  • It adds depth to the roster of available talent for RAW.
  • It provides a potential boost to the tag team division should he reunite with a partner.
  • It offers a wildcard element to the ongoing narratives within company programming.


  • Who is Omos? Omos is a WWE Superstar known for his impressive stature and strength. He has been with WWE since 2019 and has held the RAW Tag Team Championships.
  • When did Omos return to in-ring action? Omos returned to in-ring action at a WWE SuperShow live event in Rochester, New York, after a near two-month absence.
  • Is Omos currently signed with WWE? Yes, Omos is currently signed with WWE, but he is considered a free agent in terms of brand affiliation.
  • What are the expectations for Omos’s future? While Omos’s future on WWE television is not clear, fans are hopeful to see him back in more prominent storylines.
  • Has Omos won any championships? Yes, Omos won the RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 37 with AJ Styles.
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