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BRAND NEW WWE RAW commentary team revealed

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In a significant shake-up to its broadcasting team, WWE has announced a brand new commentary duo for its flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

The fresh pairing of Pat McAfee and Michael Cole is set to bring a new dynamic to the commentary table, marking a notable change in the show’s presentation.

WWE News: The New Voices of RAW

Pat McAfee, a former NFL player turned wrestling commentator, has quickly risen through the ranks with his unique style and infectious energy.

His transition to the RAW commentary team is a testament to his growing popularity and expertise in the wrestling world.

Joining him is the seasoned Michael Cole, a familiar voice to WWE fans. Cole, with his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the sport, is expected to provide a solid anchor to the commentary team.

WWE News: A Fresh Dynamic

This new/reformed pairing promises to offer a blend of enthusiasm and experience.

McAfee’s lively and unorthodox commentary style, combined with Cole’s seasoned approach, is anticipated to create a compelling and engaging narrative for WWE RAW viewers.

The Evolution of WWE Commentary

The introduction of McAfee and Cole as the new voices of RAW is part of WWE’s ongoing efforts to evolve and enhance its broadcast experience.

This change follows the recent release of Kevin Patrick from the SmackDown commentary team. WWE’s commitment to refreshing its on-air talent is evident in this latest move, aiming to keep the product vibrant and appealing to its global audience.


  • Who are the new WWE RAW commentators?
    • Pat McAfee and Michael Cole.
  • What makes this new commentary team unique?
    • The combination of McAfee’s energetic style and Cole’s extensive experience.
  • Why was there a change in the RAW commentary team?
    • WWE is continually looking to evolve and enhance its broadcast experience.
  • What happened to the previous RAW commentators?
    • Kevin Patrick, previously part of the SmackDown team, was released by WWE.
  • What can fans expect from this new team?
    • A dynamic and engaging commentary experience with a blend of enthusiasm and expertise.
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