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Randy Orton WWE: RETURN date CONFIRMED after massive injury layoff

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After a prolonged absence of 18 months, the WWE universe is set to welcome back one of its most iconic superstars, Randy Orton.

The announcement, made during a recent episode of WWE RAW, has sent waves of excitement through the wrestling community, eagerly anticipating the return of the ‘Apex Predator’ to the ring.

Randy Orton: The Long-Awaited Comeback

Randy Orton’s return was confirmed in a dramatic fashion on WWE Raw, as the final member of the men’s WarGames team for Survivor Series was revealed.

The suspense was palpable as Cody Rhodes, after unsuccessful attempts by Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins to recruit a fifth member, announced that his choice had agreed to join and would be present.

The crowd erupted in chants of “Randy!” as Rhodes hinted at a figure he had a “legacy with,” confirming the widespread speculation that Randy Orton was indeed the mystery man.

The Injury and Recovery

Orton’s last match dates back to May 2022, when he and his tag team partner Matt Riddle lost the Tag Team Championship to Jimmy and Jey Uso.

This match marked the beginning of Orton’s hiatus from the ring, a period during which he was notably absent from WWE events and programming.

The nature of his injury, which was kept relatively private, led to much speculation among fans and analysts alike. However, the focus now shifts to his recovery and the impact his return will have on the WWE landscape.

The Impact of Randy Orton and his Return

Randy Orton’s return is more than just a comeback; it’s a significant event in the WWE narrative.

Known for his charisma, in-ring prowess, and a career filled with memorable moments, Orton’s presence adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability to the Survivor Series WarGames match.

His history with various WWE superstars, coupled with his reputation as the ‘Apex Predator,’ sets the stage for compelling storylines and potential rivalries.

Preparing for Survivor Series

As Survivor Series approaches, the anticipation for Orton’s return match grows. His inclusion in the WarGames team adds a strategic advantage and brings a veteran presence to the group.

Fans are eager to see how Orton’s style and experience will mesh with his teammates and how his return will influence the dynamics of the match.


  • When did Randy Orton last wrestle before his injury?
    • Randy Orton’s last match was in May 2022, where he and Matt Riddle lost the Tag Team Championship.
  • How long has Randy Orton been away from WWE?
    • Randy Orton has been away for 18 months.
  • What event marks Randy Orton’s return to WWE?
    • Randy Orton is set to return at the Survivor Series as part of the men’s WarGames team.
  • Who revealed Randy Orton’s return on WWE Raw?
    • Cody Rhodes announced Randy Orton’s return as the fifth member of their team.
  • What is Randy Orton known for in his WWE career?
    • Randy Orton is renowned for his in-ring skills, particularly his finishing move, the RKO.
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