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Ric Flair rips into WWE President Nick Khan

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Former WWE on-screen talent and 2x Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently took some massive shots at WWE President Nick Khan on his Woooo Nation UNCENSORED podcast.

Flair would mention first how WWE took his iconic “woo” off of the intro for all of their programming, and he claimed that Nick Khan was behind the decision to do so.

‘If you take me off of the opening of the show and take the ’˜WOOO!,’ which I own, thank God. They’ll never get it back, replace me with The Ultimate Warrior, a guy that sued the company, held them up for money” Flair began.

“I guess the next thing they’re gonna do with me, is make a DVD saying and have so many people saying how bad I was like they did with The Warrior and then they brought him back and put him in the Hall of Fame.

Ric Flair on Nick Khan

“That ain’t gonna work for me. One and done” Ric Flair continued. “I text Vince, ’˜No worries. But you know, you’re not going to do it, you’re not going to bring me back.’ Not they want me by any means.

“But I couldn’t ever work for Nick Khan in my entire life” Flair revealed, before then praising the WWE owner. “Vince McMahon, I could work for, but Nick Khan, who’s the guy that orchestrated taking me off the show.

“I’ve got my facts together, orchestrated taking the ’˜WOOO!’ off, never in a million years” Flair claimed, putting the blame squarely on Nick Khan.

“Well, the big difference between Tony Khan and ’” Tony respects me. As does Vince. Nick Khan has none. I talk to Vince now. I got no problems with Vince. He just knows I won’t come back.

“Absolutely never [will I go back to work for WWE.] I’m 72, I could be dead tomorrow. The last thing I want is for them to make a package on me ever. I’ll leave all of that to Tony Khan” Flair concluded.

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