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WWE MITB 2023: Huge WWE Superstar rumoured for appearance

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Brock Lesnar, the Beast Incarnate, is reportedly making a surprise appearance in London at WWE MITB 2023, setting the wrestling community abuzz with anticipation.

An insider report from @WRKDWrestling highlights that Lesnar is booked for WWE Money In the Bank, a revelation that WWE has yet to officially confirm.

“Brock Lesnar is expected to appear at Money In The Bank to set up a third, gimmick match with Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam” the account claimed on Twitter.

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Lesnar vs. Rhodes: The Rubber Match following WWE MITB?

The London appearance is not the only surprise Lesnar has in store. The Beast Incarnate is preparing for a rubber match with Cody Rhodes, an event that fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting.

The match is speculated to be a unique gimmick match at WWE SummerSlam, scheduled for August’‹. The specifics of this ‘gimmick match’ remain under wraps, fueling fan theories and speculation about the nature of the match.

Meanwhile, Rhodes is set to square off against Dominik Mysterio in London this weekend, offering a glimpse into his preparation and strategy leading up to the SummerSlam faceoff.

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A Look Back: Rhodes vs. Lesnar at WWE Backlash and Night of Champions

The upcoming match is not the first encounter between Lesnar and Rhodes. The rivalry between the two WWE superstars has been heating up the ring, with both wrestlers earning their share of victories.

Rhodes emerged victorious against Lesnar at WWE Backlash on May 6, only for Lesnar to reclaim his glory at WWE Night of Champions on May 27’‹th.

These alternating victories set the stage for an epic rubber match at SummerSlam, where one of these titans will finally gain the upper hand.

Anticipation Builds for SummerSlam

With both Lesnar and Rhodes gearing up for the grand showdown at SummerSlam, the wrestling community is on the edge of their seats.

The stipulation for the match remains undisclosed, furthering the suspense and excitement for this epic clash. As fans across the globe speculate and anticipate, all eyes are on the WWE, waiting for the next big announcement. Will the Beast Incarnate reign supreme, or will Rhodes take the win? The answers lie in wait at WWE SummerSlam in August.

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