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South Park DESTROYS WWE Champion with New Depiction

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In an unexpected crossover between the animated world and professional wrestling, South Park, the long-standing Comedy Central hit series, recently took a playful jab at WWE United States Champion Logan Paul.

The episode, part of the special “South Park (Not Suitable For Children),” features a character strikingly similar to Paul, complete with a parody of his PRIME energy drink.

South Park’s History with Wrestling and WWE

“South Park” has a rich history of blending real-life personalities and events into its satirical universe.

The show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have never shied away from incorporating elements of professional wrestling into their storylines.

This latest episode is a testament to their ongoing interest in the sport and its cultural impact.

Logan Paul’s Animated Counterpart

In the episode, Randy Marsh discovers that a teacher at the local school has an OnlyFans page, leading him to explore the world of social influencers.

Among these influencers is a character named Logan, who promotes an energy and hydration drink called CRED. This character and his product bear a striking resemblance to Logan Paul and his PRIME energy drink, a connection that fans of both “South Park” and WWE quickly noticed.

Logan Paul’s Reaction to WWE Spoof

Interestingly, Logan Paul himself acknowledged the spoof. He retweeted a clip from the “South Park” special, showing that he took the joke in stride.

This reaction is a refreshing display of sportsmanship and humour, especially considering the often serious nature of the wrestling world.

The Impact of the Spoof

This episode of “South Park” highlights the show’s ability to stay relevant by tapping into current pop culture phenomena.

By spoofing a well-known WWE star like Logan Paul, the show not only entertains its audience but also comments on the broader landscape of entertainment and sports.


  • What was the “South Park” episode about? The episode, part of “South Park (Not Suitable For Children),” features Randy Marsh exploring the world of social influencers, including a parody of WWE star Logan Paul.
  • How did Logan Paul react to the spoof? Logan Paul acknowledged the parody by retweeting a clip from the episode, showing he appreciated the humor.
  • What does this episode say about “South Park”? It demonstrates “South Park’s” continued relevance and its creators’ interest in blending real-life events and personalities into their satirical universe.
  • Has “South Park” featured wrestling-related content before? Yes, the show has a history of incorporating elements of professional wrestling into its storylines.
  • What does this spoof signify in the broader entertainment context? It highlights the growing crossover between different entertainment domains, with professional wrestlers influencing various aspects of pop culture.
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