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Stephanie McMahon reveals WWE might make some huge acquisitions

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WWE is reportedly looking at purchasing other wrestling companies, at least they are considering it as a possible move according to Stephanie McMahon.

In a recent Q3 earnings call, Stephanie McMahon revealed that the idea of buying smaller promotions is absolutely on the table.

“Just to give some examples of what I meant by that, it has to align with our capabilities, whether that’s smaller wrestling promotions, say, internationally,’ McMahon revealed.

Stephanie McMahon – WWE open to buying smaller brands

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics recently wrote about the situation on the site’s Patreon account, saying that the company could be looking at buying promotions in Mexico and Japan.

“The Japanese companies owned by large parents like Bushiroad and CyberAgent seem to me less likely to be acquired, but then again if one of those conglomerates ended up in cost-cutting mode in a major economic recession, it’s conceivable they, like Sinclair Broadcasting did earlier this year with Ring of Honor, might look to sell their wrestling assets” Thurston began.

“In Mexico, the major two companies have long been AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide and CMLL. Both have been family-owned for decades,” Thurston added.

Could it feasibly happen? Well, we have seen the company work with smaller promotions in bit parts over the past few years, including IMPACT, ICW, PROGRESS and OTT in various forms, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility.

It appears as though Stephanie McMahon may have given away a pretty big piece of news here, and hopefully we’ll be able to get more on this shortly.

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