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Tenille Dashwood talks IMPOSSIBLE WrestleMania task she undertook

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In an industry where larger-than-life characters and unforgettable moments define careers, Tenille Dashwood, known to many as Emma during her WWE tenure, recently reflected on a particularly daunting moment in her career.

At WWE WrestleMania 30, following the shocking end to The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at the hands of Brock Lesnar, Dashwood and other female wrestlers faced an unenviable task.

They had to perform in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational for the WWE Divas Championship immediately after an event that left the audience stunned and emotionally drained.

WWE News: A Difficult Spot on the Card

Dashwood described this moment as “the most impossible spot you could possibly have on a show” during a Captain’s Corner virtual signing.

The atmosphere in the arena, still reeling from the end of an era, was a challenging environment for any performer to step into, let alone for a Divas Battle Royal.

Despite these circumstances, Dashwood and her colleagues took to the ring, understanding the professional necessity of the situation.

This event marked Dashwood’s first WrestleMania appearance, making it a bittersweet but memorable experience in her career.

WWE News: Personal Reflections and Family Pride

Despite the daunting task, Dashwood recalls the event with a sense of pride, especially considering her family in Australia was watching.

It was a significant moment for her, marking her debut on wrestling’s grandest stage. This experience highlights the unpredictable and often challenging nature of professional wrestling, where performers must be ready to adapt to any situation, no matter how difficult.


  • What was the challenging task Tenille Dashwood undertook at WrestleMania 30?
    • Dashwood participated in the WWE Divas Title Invitational immediately following the end of The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.
  • Why was this task considered ‘impossible’?
    • The task was deemed ‘impossible’ due to the emotionally charged atmosphere following The Undertaker’s streak ending, making it a tough act to follow.
  • How did Tenille Dashwood feel about this experience?
    • Despite the challenges, Dashwood felt proud, especially knowing her family in Australia was watching her WrestleMania debut.
  • What does this event signify in Dashwood’s career?
    • This event marked Dashwood’s first appearance at WrestleMania, a significant milestone in her wrestling career.
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