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Was The Rock backstage at WWE RAW?

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In recent developments that have stirred the wrestling community, speculation regarding The Rock’s presence at WWE RAW has reached a fever pitch.

Fans and insiders alike were buzzing with anticipation about whether the iconic wrestler-turned-actor was set to make a surprise appearance or play a role in the night’s events.

However, a tweet from @prowrestlingscoops on the 5th of February 2024, has put the rumours to rest: “The Rock not backstage tonight at WWE RAW for all wondering (05/02/24).”

There had been some wondering whether The Rock WAS backstage considering his new role with TKO, and whether or not he never appeared due to the “Rocky sucks” chants coming from the crowd, leading plans to potentially be changed.

WWE News: The Speculation Around The Rock’s Appearance

The wrestling world is no stranger to surprise appearances and unannounced returns, especially from its biggest stars.

The Rock, with his larger-than-life persona and deep roots in WWE history, often sparks excitement at the mere hint of his involvement.

His appearances, whether in the ring or backstage, significantly impact storylines and viewer ratings, making any potential involvement a hot topic among fans, even with the recent backlash of him “taking” Cody Rhodes’ spot at WrestleMania XL.

WWE News: Future Appearances and WWE Plans

While the tweet from @prowrestlingscoops has clarified The Rock’s absence, it also opens the door to speculation about planned appearances.

We do know that The Rock will be present this Thursday at the WrestleMania XL Kickoff press conference from Las Vegas, but we do not know if he is planned for RAW or SmackDown going forward ahead of ‘Mania 40.


  • Was The Rock at WWE RAW on February 5th, 2024?
    • No, The Rock was not backstage at WWE RAW on that date.
  • How do we know The Rock wasn’t at WWE RAW?
    • A tweet from @prowrestlingscoops confirmed his absence.
  • Does The Rock still make appearances in WWE?
    • Yes, The Rock has made sporadic appearances in WWE, though they are not on a regular basis.
  • Will The Rock return to WWE in the future?
    • While his future appearances are not confirmed, the possibility remains open given his history with WWE.
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