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WWE Locker Room REACTS to The Rock ‘TAKING’ Cody Rhodes’ spot

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In a surprising turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe, The Rock has stepped into the spotlight for WrestleMania 40, overshadowing Cody Rhodes’ previously anticipated storyline.

This development has not only stunned fans worldwide but has also elicited a strong reaction from the WWE locker room itself.

WWE News: The Unexpected Shift

Cody Rhodes, on a heartfelt journey to clinch the world champion title in honour of his late father, Dusty Rhodes, found his path to glory unexpectedly rerouted.

The 2024 Royal Rumble winner, initially expected to challenge the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, at WrestleMania, saw his opportunity slip away as The Rock made his dramatic return to WWE.

Opting not to face Reigns, The Rock’s entry into the WrestleMania picture has set the stage for a dream showdown with his cousin, marking a significant pivot in the event’s narrative.

WWE News: Locker Room and Fan Reaction

The locker room’s reaction to this unforeseen change was one of outright shock, as reported by Fightful Select.

The decision to prioritise The Rock over Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania 40’s marquee matchup has not sat well with many, reflecting a broader sentiment of dismay among the WWE fanbase.

Fans have vocally expressed their support for Rhodes, questioning WWE’s direction and showing solidarity with the American Nightmare through social media and other platforms.

This widespread support for Cody Rhodes underscores the deep connection he has forged with the audience, a bond that transcends the ring. As the road to WrestleMania unfolds, the WWE Universe is left wondering whether the backlash will prompt WWE to reconsider its storyline decisions.

The Road Ahead

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, the tension between fan expectations and WWE’s creative direction has never been more palpable.

The inclusion of The Rock in a position originally anticipated for Cody Rhodes raises questions about the future narratives WWE intends to explore.

With the WWE Universe firmly behind Rhodes, the coming weeks are critical in shaping the landscape of WWE’s biggest event of the year.


  • Why was The Rock chosen over Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania 40?
    • The Rock’s return was a creative decision by WWE, aiming to set up a high-profile match against Roman Reigns.
  • How did the WWE locker room react to The Rock taking Cody Rhodes’ spot?
    • The locker room was reportedly shocked by the decision, reflecting a sentiment of surprise at the sudden change in WrestleMania plans.
  • Have fans reacted to the change in WrestleMania’s lineup?
    • Yes, fans have expressed significant displeasure and support for Cody Rhodes, voicing their opinions across various platforms.
  • Will WWE reconsider its decision based on fan backlash?
    • It remains to be seen how WWE will respond to the fan backlash and whether it will influence the storyline leading up to WrestleMania 40.
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