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The Rock CONTINUES TO TEASE massive WWE match after SmackDown

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In a recent turn of events that has the WWE Universe buzzing, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to hint at a massive showdown in the WWE ring.

Following his unexpected appearance on WWE Raw Day 1, where he teased a potential face-off with Roman Reigns, The Rock has once again set the wrestling world alight after WWE’s SmackDown New Year’s Revolution.

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The Rock: Record-Breaking Appearance

The Rock’s appearance on WWE Raw Day 1 has officially become the most viewed clip in WWE history, surpassing the previously viral clip of CM Punk’s return.

This clip has amassed over 171 million views, a testament to The Rock’s enduring popularity and the excitement surrounding his potential return to the ring.

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The Rock: His Emotional Connection

Taking to Twitter, The Rock expressed his gratitude and the unique connection he feels with the WWE audience. He described the crowd’s reaction as having “layers” and “chills,” underscoring the deep bond he shares with his fans.

He also referred again to himself being the “People’s Champ,” potentially alluding to getting a shot at the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman React

On the same night, Roman Reigns briefly reacted to The Rock’s reference to him, but it was Paul Heyman who offered more expansive comments.

Heyman’s remarks, not exactly friendly in tone, add another layer to the brewing storyline that could potentially lead to a blockbuster match.


  • What record did The Rock break with his WWE appearance?
    • His WWE Raw Day 1 appearance became the most viewed WWE clip ever, with over 171 million views.
  • Who did The Rock tease a match with?
    • He teased a potential match with Roman Reigns.
  • What was the reaction of Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman?
    • Roman Reigns briefly reacted, while Paul Heyman offered more extensive, somewhat hostile comments.
  • How did The Rock describe his connection with the WWE fans?
    • He described it as a “sacred connection” and mentioned experiencing “layers” and “chills” from the crowd’s reaction.
  • What makes The Rock’s potential return to WWE so significant?
    • His enduring popularity, legendary status in WWE, and the prospect of a high-profile match against Roman Reigns make his potential return highly significant.
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