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Calls for The Rock to make SENSATIONAL move at Las Vegas event

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In the ever-dynamic world of professional wrestling, speculation and excitement are building around a potential blockbuster announcement at an upcoming event in Las Vegas.

Noted wrestling pundit Jason Solomon has stirred the pot with a tweet that has fans and insiders alike buzzing with anticipation.

Solomon suggests that the choice of Las Vegas over Philadelphia for Thursday’s event could signal a major announcement for WrestleMania 41, hinting at pushing back of the dream match between The Rock and Roman Reigns.

WWE News: The Speculation Around WrestleMania 41

Solomon believes that the ideal scenario would see The Rock confronting Cody Rhodes to pass on the narrative baton, suggesting that it’s Rhodes’ story to conclude this year at WrestleMania 40, not his.

This move would not only set the stage for a monumental showdown but also allow for a year-long buildup, emphasising storytelling over immediate gratification.

Solomon’s vision involves The Rock advocating for a match that doesn’t hinge on a title but rather on the legacy and personal dynamics between the characters involved.

WWE News: The Long Game

Solomon’s commentary sheds light on a broader strategy, suggesting that The Rock’s potential involvement in WrestleMania 41 should be part of a “long game.”

This approach would differ markedly from the immediate gratification often sought in wrestling storylines, offering a more nuanced and developed narrative arc that could captivate audiences over an extended period:

“I would love to think this event on Thursday is in Las Vegas and not Philly because they’re going to announce WM41 for Vegas with Rock vs. Roman in the main event. Rock will tell Cody, ‘This is YOUR story to finish this year, not mine’ and we’re back on track.

“Rock says he’s a long-gamer? Give it a proper year-long build without the need for the title. Him politicking his way into the match this year is NOT THE LONG GAME. Wishful thinking?”


  • What is the speculation about The Rock and WrestleMania 41?
    • The speculation is that The Rock might announce a match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 41 during an event in Las Vegas, setting up a year-long storyline.
  • Why is Las Vegas significant in this context?
    • Las Vegas is speculated to be the chosen location for the announcement because it could be the venue for WrestleMania 41, adding to the event’s grandeur.
  • What does Jason Solomon suggest about The Rock’s involvement?
    • Solomon suggests that The Rock should pass the narrative focus to Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania 40, advocating for a storyline that builds over time rather than rushing into a match.
  • How does this speculation affect the current WWE narrative?
    • If true, this move could significantly impact WWE’s storytelling approach, emphasising long-term narrative development over short-term gains.
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