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The Rock reveals one of his biggest ‘regrets’ from WWE career

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WWE Superstar and sure-fire Hall of Famer The Rock recently revealed one of the biggest regrets from his tenure in the company.

Former WCW and WWF Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Champion Hurricane Helms sent out a tweet saying that he was watching the SummerSlam 2001 match between The Rock and then WCW Champion, Booker T.

“Doing cardio watching @TheRock vs @BookerT5x from @WWE SummerSlam 2001” Helms tweeted. “Two of my favorite opponents and favorite people I’ve worked with in the Biz. I wish these two woulda had more matches together.”

The Rock would then respond to Hurricane, saying that he also wished he could’ve had a longer run with the FIVE TIME WCW Champion.

The Rock vs Booker T

“Thank you, brother. I do too actually” Dwayne Johnson began. “One of my biggest regrets was not having a long run w Book. He was one of my fav workers and the best pure athlete I’ve ever wrestled. Fluid, sharp, believable movements and work style. I always say his moves had a rare swagger.”

Booker T and The Rock had a very short feud during The Invasion angle in 2001, which saw WCW and ECW invade WWF to try and overtake the biggest brand in sports entertainment.

Of course, WWF owned all three brands by that point, and some of the biggest names from World Championship Wrestling didn’t make the move over due to their guaranteed contracts.

Booker T was arguably the biggest name that came over for the Invasion, but WWF would treat the WCW Champion as an afterthought, with even Rocky asking “who in the blue hell are you!?”

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