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Star from ANOTHER COMPANY appearing at WWE Royal Rumble 2024

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In a huge move that has sent ripples through the wrestling world, TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace is set to make a groundbreaking appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble 2024, according to a new report from PWInsider.

This event, taking place in St. Petersburg, Florida, marks a significant moment in the history of professional wrestling, as WWE once again opens its ‘Forbidden Door’ to talent from other promotions.

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WWE News: Jordynne Grace’s WWE Debut

Jordynne Grace, currently under a long-term contract with TNA, will be making her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. This is not just a mere appearance; it’s a well-thought-out creative move by WWE to provide an electrifying and unexpected moment for its audience.

Grace will be introduced as the “Knockouts World Champion,” complete with her TNA theme song and video graphics, ensuring that her identity and achievements in TNA are acknowledged and celebrated.

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WWE News: The Significance of the Forbidden Door

The concept of the ‘Forbidden Door’ in professional wrestling refers to the rare occasions when wrestlers from one promotion appear in another.

This concept is not new to WWE, as seen in the 2022 Women’s Rumble match, where Mickie James participated while holding the Knockouts Championship.

However, Jordynne Grace’s entry into the WWE arena as a reigning champion from another company is a testament to the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where boundaries are becoming increasingly fluid.

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  • Who is Jordynne Grace?
    • Jordynne Grace is the current TNA Knockouts Champion.
  • What is the ‘Forbidden Door’ in wrestling?
    • It refers to the rare instances where wrestlers from different promotions appear in each other’s events.
  • Will Jordynne Grace be leaving TNA for WWE?
    • No, she remains under a long-term contract with TNA. Her WWE appearance is a special arrangement.
  • What other matches are scheduled for WWE Royal Rumble 2024?
    • The event features the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches, and the WWE United States Championship.
  • Where and when is the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 taking place?
    • The event is happening in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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