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Fan DEMANDS that people stop comparing Sting to WWE LEGEND

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, comparisons between legends of the ring are inevitable. However, a recent tweet by @Unpaid__Critic has sparked a heated debate among fans, urging them to reconsider the parallels drawn between Sting and the WWE’s Undertaker. The tweet outlines several points of contention:

  • Doesn’t sell other wrestlers’ moves.
  • Won’t put over young talent.
  • Buries young talent.
  • Brought Ric Flair to AEW.

The critic emphatically concludes, “Please don’t compare this guy with Undertaker anymore 😌 #AEWDynamite #Sting.”

WWE News: The Sting vs. Undertaker Debate

The comparison between Sting and the Undertaker has been a topic of discussion for years, fueled by their iconic statuses within WCW/NWA and WWE, respectively.

Both wrestlers have cultivated legacies that transcend their in-ring achievements, becoming symbols of their eras and the companies they represented.

However, the tweet from @Unpaid__Critic highlights a growing concern among some fans regarding Sting’s impact on the wrestling industry, especially in his later years with AEW.

WWE News: Analyzing the Criticisms

  • Selling Moves: A fundamental aspect of professional wrestling is the ability to sell an opponent’s moves, making them look as impactful as possible. Critics argue that Sting’s reluctance to sell moves undermines the efforts of other wrestlers, affecting the overall quality of matches.
  • Putting Over Young Talent: The wrestling industry thrives on the cyclical nature of talent, where established stars help build the next generation. The accusation that Sting won’t put over young talent suggests a missed opportunity to elevate emerging stars in AEW.
  • Burying Young Talent: Beyond not putting over young talent, burying them is a more severe accusation, implying that Sting’s presence actively hinders the growth and exposure of up-and-coming wrestlers.
  • Bringing Ric Flair to AEW: The decision to bring Ric Flair, another wrestling legend, into AEW is seen by some as a move that focuses on nostalgia over the development of new talent, as well as the allegations that Flair has faced in the past over sexual misconduct.


  • Why do fans compare Sting to the Undertaker? Both are iconic figures in wrestling, representing the pinnacle of success in their respective companies.
  • What are the main criticisms of Sting according to the tweet? The criticisms include not selling moves, not putting over young talent, burying young talent, and bringing Ric Flair to AEW.
  • How important is selling moves in wrestling? Selling moves is crucial as it enhances the realism and drama of matches, making opponents look strong.
  • What does “putting over young talent” mean? It refers to established stars losing to or performing in a way that elevates the status and credibility of newer wrestlers.
  • Why is bringing Ric Flair to AEW seen as a negative? Critics argue it focuses on past legends rather than building new stars.
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Martin MacDonald