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#WeWantCody Trends on X/Twitter as The Rock ‘TAKES’ Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania spot

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In a surprising turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe, the landscape of WrestleMania 40 underwent a seismic shift, leaving fans clamouring for “justice” under the banner of #WeWantCody.

This movement emerged following a dramatic episode of WWE Smackdown in Birmingham, where expectations for Cody Rhodes to challenge Roman Reigns were abruptly upended.

WWE News: The Unexpected Twist

Cody Rhodes, a figure of resilience and determination within WWE, had seemingly set his sights on Reigns’ championship.

However, in a twist that no one saw coming, Rhodes stepped aside, paving the way for WWE legend The Rock to make a thunderous return.

The Rock’s surprise appearance and subsequent face-off with Reigns hinted at a WrestleMania 40 showdown that nobody anticipated.

WWE News: The Rock’s Controversial Path to WrestleMania

The Rock, leveraging his dual role as a WWE icon and a member of the TKO-WWE Board of Directors, has apparently secured his spot at WrestleMania 40 against Roman Reigns.

This decision has not only sidelined Cody Rhodes but also ignited a firestorm among the WWE fanbase. A video promoting Reigns-Rock quickly became the most disliked in WWE YouTube history, underscoring the community’s dissent.

The Rise of #WeWantCody

In response to these developments, the hashtag #WeWantCody surged to the top of trending topics on X/Twitter, reflecting a widespread desire to see Cody Rhodes reclaim his narrative at WrestleMania.

The movement gained further momentum with WWE United States Champion Logan Paul publicly voicing his support for Rhodes, encapsulating the sentiment of countless fans and fellow wrestlers alike.


  • What caused #WeWantCody to trend?
    • Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with The Rock taking Cody Rhodes’ expected spot at WrestleMania 40, leading to the trending hashtag.
  • How did The Rock secure a match at WrestleMania?
    • The Rock used his influence as a member of the TKO-WWE Board of Directors to arrange a match against Roman Reigns.
  • Has WWE responded to the backlash?
    • As of now, WWE has not officially changed its WrestleMania plans, despite the significant fan backlash.
  • What does this mean for Cody Rhodes?
    • Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania future remains uncertain, with fans rallying for his return to the spotlight.
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