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Will Ospreay makes massive claim about WWE Champion

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If you’re a fan of wrestling who loves dream matchups, Will Ospreay just named the one opponent he’d love to face in a high-stakes bout.

In a candid interview with Chris Van Vliet, the NJPW superstar made it clear that there’s one WWE wrestler he’s got his eyes on for a thrilling clash: Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Ospreay’s choice shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed their Twitter exchanges and the buzz around a potential match.

Will Ospreay vs Seth Rollins: The Dream Match

“It’s probably Seth,” Ospreay said, reflecting on the prospect of a face-off with Rollins. He further praised Rollins’ current popularity and the energy he brings to the ring, making it clear that this is a match he’s eager to make happen.

For those who remember, Rollins and Ospreay had a notable exchange on Twitter, a spat that only added fuel to the fire of their potential rivalry. Ospreay seems excited by the transformation Rollins has undergone since their Twitter war, with Rollins now commanding the crowd’s attention in a big way.

“He’s so over right now. You see the crowd singing his song, he’s mad,” Ospreay added, noting the significant shift in Rollins’ trajectory since their exchange.

Van Vliet, the interviewer, pointed out that a match with Rollins could elevate the WWE star’s career even further. Ospreay agreed with this sentiment, stating, “I would hope so. Iron sharpens iron.” He expressed his admiration for Rollins’ prowess in the ring, emphasizing that a clash between the two could result in a truly magical spectacle.

Despite the companies they represent, with Ospreay a top star in NJPW and Rollins holding a title in WWE, the idea of them locking horns is an exciting one. Wrestling fans everywhere would undoubtedly look forward to seeing these two talented performers square off in the ring. As the anticipation for AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door 2 grows, fans can only hope that Ospreay’s wish might one day come true. The prospect of witnessing this unique collision of talent is surely something to look forward to.

As Ospreay put it succinctly, “Together, we could 100% make some magic.” And that’s something every wrestling fan would love to see’‹’‹.

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