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WWE backstage name talks criticism of Cody Rhodes wrestling injured

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A top WWE backstage name recently discussed the criticism that the company has come into from some over allowing Cody Rhodes to wrestle injured.

Speaking on his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, the recently re-hired WWE backstage employee talked about the former AEW star wrestling with a torn pectoral.

“I’ve learned this over the years ’“ I’m not sitting in Cody Rhodes’ chair, I’m not sitting in the decision maker’s chair. Ultimately, it falls on the Chairman’s decision. I don’t have all the facts. I don’t know all the circumstances, I don’t know all those kinds of things” Jarrett began.

Jeff Jarrett on Cody Rhodes

“So, without me being in the know on all the details that go into this, I kind of say it’s this simple ’“ I love the criticism online because that means they’re watching and talking about the product, first and foremost” Jarrett continued.

“The people who want to throw darts, if you really drill down to it, they have an ulterior motive because it’s ultimately Cody Rhodes’ decision. That’s first and foremost. Cody willingly wanted to do that. So, anybody that is criticizing this is criticizing Cody.

“The other thing is, I’m super positive that doctors gave permission and everybody had to go through the process in this situation to say, ’˜Okay, this decision is jointly made, and we’re going to do this'” Jarret concluded.

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