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WWE NXT Ratings: Viewership for the 06/02/24 episode revealed

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The latest episode of WWE NXT, which aired on 6th February 2024, has shown a marginal increase in its viewership numbers, continuing a positive trend for the brand.

This episode, coming off the heels of NXT: Vengeance Day, was particularly notable for its dramatic developments, including Carmelo Hayes’ unexpected betrayal of Trick Williams, and his subsequent attack on Ilja Dragunov at the show’s conclusion.

WWE NXT Ratings: A Slight Uptick in Viewership

According to Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston, the episode attracted 650,000 viewers, a slight increase from the previous week’s 648,000.

This incremental growth, albeit modest, marks the second consecutive week of viewership increase for NXT. The episode also scored a 0.19 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, marginally higher than the previous week’s 0.18 rating.

The Fallout from NXT: Vengeance Day

The episode was buzzing with the aftermath of NXT: Vengeance Day, focusing on the fallout from Carmelo Hayes’ actions.

Hayes’ betrayal of Trick Williams and his attack on Ilja Dragunov after the main event were among the highlights, setting the stage for future storylines and feuds.

WWE NXT Ratings: Yearly Highs and Expectations

It’s worth noting that NXT’s viewership reached its peak earlier in the year with the New Year’s Evil episode, which drew 768,000 viewers and a 0.25 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

The recent episodes, including the one on 6th February, have not matched these numbers but have maintained a steady viewership, indicating a solid and engaged audience base.

Looking Ahead

The strong finish to the 06/02/24 episode, highlighted by high drama and key storyline developments, is expected to generate increased interest in the upcoming episodes.

Fans and viewers alike are keen to see how the narratives around Carmelo Hayes and other wrestlers evolve, potentially leading to higher viewership in the weeks to come.


  • What was the viewership for the WWE NXT episode on 06/02/24?
    • The episode drew 650,000 viewers.
  • Did the WWE NXT viewership increase compared to the previous week?
    • Yes, there was a marginal increase of 2,000 viewers from the previous week.
  • What was the key demographic rating for the episode?
    • The episode scored a 0.19 rating in the 18-49 demographic.
  • What were the major storylines in the 06/02/24 episode of WWE NXT?
    • Major storylines included Carmelo Hayes’ betrayal of Trick Williams and his attack on Ilja Dragunov.
  • Has WWE NXT’s viewership been increasing?
    • Yes, the viewership has increased for the second consecutive week.
  • What was the highest viewership for WWE NXT this year?
    • The highest viewership was during the New Year’s Evil episode, with 768,000 viewers.
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