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WWE NXT Superstars DEBUT on SmackDown this week

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In an electrifying episode of WWE SmackDown, fans witnessed the much-anticipated main roster debuts of WWE NXT stars Trick Williams and Ava, alongside Elektra Lopez’s return.

This event, a prelude to the Royal Rumble, marked a significant milestone in the careers of these talented wrestlers.

WWE News: Trick Williams’ Impressive Debut

Trick Williams, known for his charisma and athletic prowess in NXT, made a memorable entrance on SmackDown. His debut came at a crucial moment when his friend and tag team partner, Carmelo Hayes, faced a post-match beatdown by Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.

Williams’ arrival was met with thunderous applause and chants of “Whoop That Trick,” as he valiantly came to Hayes’ aid.

However, the dynamics between Williams and Hayes hinted at complexity, with Williams leaving Hayes hanging after a fist-bump attempt, indicating that their relationship might be more complicated than it appears.

Ava: The Youngest General Manager in WWE History

Ava, the fourth-generation superstar and daughter of WWE and TKO board member Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, also made her SmackDown debut.

Her appearance was not in the ring but backstage, where she assisted SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis in managing the Royal Rumble entry numbers.

Her debut follows the recent passing of the torch by William Regal on NXT, signifying a new era in WWE’s on-screen management.

WWE News: Future Prospects for the NXT Stars

While it remains unclear if this appearance marks an official call-up for Williams, the potential for him and Hayes to split time between NXT and SmackDown is high.

The duo has a compelling storyline in NXT, which could either continue on the main roster or conclude before a possible official call-up, perhaps at the 2024 Stand and Deliver event during WrestleMania weekend.


  • Who debuted on WWE SmackDown from NXT?
    • Trick Williams, Ava, and Elektra Lopez.
  • What is significant about Ava’s role in WWE?
    • Ava is now the youngest General Manager in WWE history.
  • Will Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes continue their storyline on SmackDown?
    • It’s uncertain, but there’s potential for their NXT storyline to extend to SmackDown.
  • What was the crowd’s reaction to Trick Williams’ debut?
    • The crowd gave a huge pop with enthusiastic “Whoop That Trick” chants.
  • Is Ava’s role on SmackDown in-ring or managerial?
    • Ava’s role is primarily managerial, assisting with the Royal Rumble entry numbers.
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