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WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership confirmed for 22/01/24 episode

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The latest episode of WWE RAW, aired on 22nd January 2024, witnessed a significant surge in its viewership and ratings, marking a notable achievement for the franchise.

According to Wrestlenomics, the episode garnered a 0.56 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, attracting 1.686 million viewers.

This performance represents a substantial increase from the previous week, with a 24.4% rise in the demo rating and an 18.8% boost in viewership, compared to the 0.45 demo rating and 1.419 million viewers recorded earlier.

WWE RAW Ratings: No NFL Competition Boosts WWE RAW’s Performance

A key factor contributing to this spike in ratings is the absence of NFL Playoff games during the week, which typically draw a significant portion of the audience away from WWE RAW.

This lack of direct competition allowed WWE RAW to achieve its best ratings since the episode aired on January 1st, which had a 0.60 demo rating and 1.751 million viewers.

WWE RAW Ratings: Year-on-Year Comparison of WWE RAW Viewership

When comparing the year-on-year performance, WWE RAW in 2024 has averaged a 0.513 demo rating and 1.580 million viewers to date.

In contrast, during the same period in 2023, the show averaged a 0.508 demo rating and 1.786 million viewers.

These figures provide insight into the show’s fluctuating performance over the years, highlighting the recent uptick in viewership and ratings.


  • What was the viewership for WWE RAW’s 22/01/24 episode?
    • The episode attracted 1.686 million viewers.
  • How did WWE RAW perform in the 18-49 demographic for the 22/01/24 episode?
    • It achieved a 0.56 rating in this demographic.
  • What impact did the absence of NFL competition have on WWE RAW’s ratings?
    • The absence of NFL competition contributed to a significant increase in WWE RAW’s ratings.
  • How does the current viewership compare to the same period last year?
    • In 2024, WWE RAW has seen a slight increase in the demo rating compared to the same period in 2023.
  • What was the viewership and rating for WWE RAW’s episode on January 1st?
    • The episode on January 1st had a 0.60 demo rating and 1.751 million viewers.
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