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WWE RAW likely NOT getting USA Network extension

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In a significant shift in the broadcasting landscape of professional wrestling, WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW, is set to part ways with the USA Network after their current contract expires in September 2024.

This development follows the announcement of an unprecedented deal that will see RAW moving to Netflix starting January 2025.

WWE News: The End of an Era on USA Network

For years, the USA Network has been the home of WWE RAW, hosting some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history.

However, as reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the network has decided not to extend its broadcasting agreement with WWE beyond September this year.

This decision marks the end of a long-standing partnership, paving the way for new horizons for WWE on Netflix.

WWE News: Transition to Netflix and Interim Plans

The transition of RAW to Netflix, a deal reportedly valued at over $5 billion for ten years, represents a significant shift in the way audiences will consume wrestling content.

With the move to a streaming platform, WWE is embracing the changing dynamics of media consumption. However, there remains a gap between the end of the USA Network contract and the beginning of the Netflix deal.

WWE President Nick Khan has hinted at plans for RAW’s broadcasting during this interim period, but specific details are yet to be announced.

Impact on the Wrestling Industry

This move is more than just a change of channel; it’s a strategic shift in the wrestling entertainment industry.

The partnership with Netflix signifies WWE’s adaptation to the evolving media landscape, where streaming services are increasingly becoming primary sources of entertainment content.


  • When will WWE RAW move to Netflix?
    • RAW will start airing on Netflix from January 2025.
  • What happens to WWE RAW after the USA Network contract ends in September 2024?
    • WWE is expected to announce plans for RAW’s broadcasting from October to December 2024 soon.
  • How long is the WWE-Netflix deal?
    • The deal is for ten years, valued at over $5 billion.
  • Will RAW still be available on Monday nights?
    • Details regarding any changes to the scheduling on Netflix have not been disclosed yet.
  • What does this move mean for WWE fans?
    • Fans will need to adapt to streaming RAW on Netflix, marking a significant change in how they have traditionally viewed the show.
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