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WWE SmackDown Ratings: Viewership confirmed for 15/12/23

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The world of professional wrestling, particularly WWE SmackDown, has always been a spectacle of athleticism and entertainment.

However, the latest ratings for the show broadcast on December 15, 2023, reveal a surprising dip in viewership, despite the high-profile returns of Roman Reigns and AJ Styles.

WWE SmackDown Ratings: A Decline in Viewership Numbers

According to WrestleNomics, the December 15 episode of WWE SmackDown attracted 2,240,000 viewers.

This figure represents a 6% decrease from the previous week’s viewership of 2,384,000. This decline is noteworthy, especially considering the show’s recent efforts to boost ratings.

Key Demographic Shows Significant Drop

The 18-49 demographic, crucial for television ratings, experienced a significant 13% decrease, registering a 0.55 rating. This drop is particularly striking as it follows a period of increased viewership.

The December 8th episode, for instance, saw a 17% rise in total viewership, largely attributed to the appearance of CM Punk.

WWE SmackDown Ratings: Year-on-Year Comparison

When comparing the December viewership to the same period last year, there’s a mixed picture. The 18-49 demographic shows a slight 4% increase.

However, overall viewership has decreased by 6%. This indicates a shifting trend in the audience demographic, possibly reflecting changing viewer preferences or competition from other entertainment sources.

Impact of High-Profile Returns

The decrease in viewership occurred despite the return of WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who opened the show alongside fellow Bloodline members Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and Paul Heyman. Additionally, the episode featured the surprise return of AJ Styles, who made a heel turn by attacking LA Knight. These high-profile appearances, however, did not translate into the expected boost in viewership numbers.

Absence of CM Punk

It’s worth noting that the show did not feature CM Punk, who had confirmed his signing with WWE Raw on the December 11 edition. Punk’s absence might have contributed to the decline in viewership, considering his influence on the ratings spike in the previous week.

Looking Ahead

The upcoming week’s WWE SmackDown has been pre-taped, as WWE has given their talent a week off for Christmas. It remains to be seen how this break and the pre-taped nature of the show will affect viewership numbers.


  • What was the viewership for WWE SmackDown on December 15, 2023?
    • The episode attracted 2,240,000 viewers, a 6% decrease from the previous week.
  • How did the key 18-49 demographic perform?
    • There was a 13% decrease in the 18-49 demographic, registering a 0.55 rating.
  • Did high-profile returns impact the ratings?
    • Despite the returns of Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, the show experienced a decline in viewership.
  • How does the current viewership compare to last year?
    • There’s a 4% increase in the 18-49 demographic compared to last year, but overall viewership is down by 6%.
  • Will the upcoming WWE SmackDown episodes be live?
    • The next episode has been pre-taped due to the Christmas break for WWE talent.
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