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HUGE WWE Superstars with contracts EXPIRING in 2024

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The world of professional wrestling is always abuzz with the latest contract news, and as we approach 2024, several key WWE Superstars are on the brink of their contract expirations.

This pivotal moment could lead to significant shifts in the WWE landscape. Let’s delve into the details of these superstars whose contracts are set to expire in 2024.

WWE Contracts Expiring in 2024: The Future of Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal, a former WWE Champion, has his contract expiring in the summer of 2024.

His leadership of Indus Sher and his loyalty to WWE have been notable, but with his contract coming to an end, there’s speculation about his next move.

Could we see him exploring opportunities in other promotions like IMPACT Wrestling? That would certainly make sense for both parties.

Ricochet’s High-Flying Career at a Crossroads

Ricochet, celebrated for his electrifying in-ring performances, also faces a contract expiration in the summer of 2024.

His tenure in WWE has been marked by impressive title wins, including the United States and Intercontinental Championships.

Under Triple H’s leadership, Ricochet has enjoyed better utilisation, showcasing his unique talents in longer, more engaging matches. The question remains: will he renew his contract or seek new horizons?

WWE Contracts Expiring in 2024: Alexa Bliss – From Maternity to the Mat?

Alexa Bliss, one of WWE’s top female mic workers, is currently inactive following the birth of her child. Her contract, initially set to expire at the end of this year, might extend into 2024 due to her maternity leave.

Bliss’s exceptional skills as a character actor make her a valuable asset to WWE, but there’s also the allure of Hollywood. Will she return to the ring or pursue a different path?

Drew McIntyre’s Main Event Future

Drew McIntyre, a two-time WWE Champion, has his contract ending in the first half of 2024, around WrestleMania 40.

His status as a main event player is undeniable, but as his contract winds down, fans are left wondering if this could be his final run in WWE. McIntyre’s decision will likely become clearer in the coming months.

WWE Contracts Expiring in 2024: Sheamus – A Veteran’s Choice

Sheamus, the longest-tenured star on this list, will see his contract expire in the summer of 2024. A trusted and loyal veteran, Sheamus has won numerous titles in his WWE career.

However, recent injuries and his expressed dissatisfaction with his utilisation post-feud with Gunther have raised questions about his future. Will he remain with WWE, or seek a main-event push elsewhere?

WWE’s Power Couple: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

Both Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, WWE’s renowned power couple, have contracts expiring in June 2024.

Rollins, a top star whose body has endured the rigours of defending the World Heavyweight Championship, may base his next move on his title run. Becky Lynch, arguably the top female star in WWE, has expressed a strong commitment to the company.

However, her desire for another child could influence her decision on a new contract. Losing both stars in the same month would be a significant blow to WWE.


  • Who are the WWE Superstars with contracts expiring in 2024?
    • Jinder Mahal, Ricochet, Alexa Bliss, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch.
  • What might influence Alexa Bliss’s decision to renew her contract?
    • Her recent maternity leave and potential opportunities in Hollywood could influence her decision.
  • Could Drew McIntyre leave the company in 2024?
    • It’s a possibility, depending on his position in the main event scene as his contract nears its end.
  • What are the concerns regarding Sheamus’s future in WWE?
    • His recent injuries and expressed dissatisfaction with his utilization could lead him to explore options outside the company.
  • Are Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch likely to leave WWE?
    • While Rollins’ decision may depend on his physical condition and title run, Lynch has expressed a strong commitment to the company, though her family plans could play a role in her decision.
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