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WWE RAW Superstar RETURNS during this week’s show (15/01/24)

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In a thrilling turn of events, Xavier Woods made a dramatic comeback to WWE on this week’s episode of RAW, marking a significant moment in the wrestling world.

Woods, known for his charismatic presence and athletic prowess, returned to the ring in a confrontational manner, interrupting GUNTHER and Ludwig Kaiser.

This interruption came as a response to last week’s attack on Kofi Kingston by Kaiser.

WWE News: Xavier Woods’ Dynamic Return

Woods, fueled by a mix of determination and retribution, demanded a match with Kaiser. The match, however, took an unexpected turn, ending in disqualification.

Kaiser, in a moment of heated action, threw one of the announcer’s chairs at Woods. This act led to a disqualification but did not end the confrontation.

Woods and Kaiser continued to brawl around the ringside area, showcasing Woods’ aggressive side, much to the excitement of the fans.

WWE News: Impact on WWE Landscape

This return is not just a personal triumph for Woods but also shakes up the WWE landscape. Michael Cole, on commentary, revealed that Kofi Kingston is suffering from a cervical neck sprain and will be out of action for several weeks (in storyline of course).

Woods’ return could potentially fill the void left by Kingston’s absence and add a new dynamic to the ongoing storylines in WWE.


  • Who returned to WWE RAW this week?
    • Xavier Woods made his return to WWE RAW.
  • What was the reason for Xavier Woods’ return?
    • Woods returned to confront Ludwig Kaiser following last week’s attack on Kofi Kingston.
  • How did Xavier Woods’ match end?
    • The match ended in disqualification after Kaiser threw an announcer’s chair at Woods.
  • What is the status of Kofi Kingston?
    • Kofi Kingston is currently out with a cervical neck sprain and will be absent for several weeks.
  • What was the fan reaction to Woods’ return?
    • Fans were excited and intrigued by Woods’ more aggressive approach, as seen in his return to WWE RAW.
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