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Zelina Vega makes a SCATHING comment about Logan Paul

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In a recent revelation, Zelina Vega, a prominent figure on WWE SmackDown, didn’t hold back her thoughts on Logan Paul.

While she acknowledges his athletic prowess, she doesn’t shy away from pointing out his overconfidence, especially when it comes to facing legends in the ring.

Logan Paul: Athleticism vs Ego

Zelina Vega recognises Logan Paul as an “incredible athlete,” as she mentioned during a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump show (via eWrestlingNews).

There’s no denying that Paul has showcased his skills in the ring multiple times. However, Vega also emphasises that Paul is very full of himself: “I’ve always said that Logan is an incredible athlete, [but] he’s very full of himself. He definitely knows what he can do in the ring, and we’ve seen it. But you’re talking about the legend that is Rey Mysterio, so if we’re gonna be real about it, I’d be more afraid for Logan than I would for Rey.”

This isn’t the first time someone from the wrestling community has commented on Paul’s confidence, but coming from Vega, it certainly adds to the storyline between Paul and Rey Mysterio.

The Ultimate Showdown: Logan Paul vs Rey Mysterio

The wrestling community is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming WWE United States Championship match between Logan Paul and the legendary Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel 2023.

Vega, sharing her insights on the match, stated that while Paul might be a formidable opponent, he’s up against “the legend that is Rey Mysterio”. She further added that if there’s anyone who should be worried, it’s Logan Paul.

Rey Mysterio’s legacy in the wrestling world is unparalleled. He’s faced giants like Big Show and Brock Lesnar and has always held his ground.

Vega believes that facing Logan Paul will indeed be a challenge for Mysterio, but it’s Paul who needs to prepare more for the match.


  • Who is Zelina Vega?
    • Zelina Vega, also known by her real name Thea Megan Trinidad Büdgen, is an American professional wrestler and actress. She performs under the ring name Queen Zelina in WWE.
  • What did Zelina Vega say about Logan Paul?
    • Vega acknowledged Logan Paul’s athleticism but also mentioned that he is “very full of himself”. She believes that while Paul is a strong contender, he might not be fully prepared to face Rey Mysterio.
  • When is the match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio?
    • The WWE United States Championship match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio is scheduled to take place at Crown Jewel 2023.
  • Has Rey Mysterio faced other strong opponents in the past?
    • Yes, Rey Mysterio has faced and held his own against wrestling giants like Big Show and Brock Lesnar.
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